Was There a Lost Episode of the Simpson's?

Was there a lost episode of the FOX’s the Simpson’s? Not lost for good, I mean just never shown again in reruns?

I have been watching the show since it first came on, only rarely missing an episode, and even then usually catching it in reruns. And I have this vague recollection of a show where Bart is shown reclining in his front yard with no pants on. But obviously you don’t see any genitalia, because he is a cartoon character, and as such has none. So it was perfectly innocent. Get it? But I recall, somewhat vaguely again, that some moral crusaders, apparently with nothing better to do with their time, complained. So apparently the show was never televised again.

There is also possibly another lost episode alluded to in the 1992 Halloween special. Lisa is mourning the death of her cat, Snowball I. She tells Bart, “Don’t you remember?”–the cat was supposedly run over by Mayor Quimby’s “beer swilling” cousin “Clovis”. Is this the same episode I am referring to above?

Does anyone know where you can buy this/these episode/s? Or at the very least, do you know how the story went in it (them)? It has been a long time since I’ve seen it, so naturally I’ve forgot.


The Halloween episodes are not “canon”. What happens in them does not necessarily have any connection to the rest of the Simpsons world.

P.S. No apostrophe in Simpsons.

And the idea that an entire episode would be pulled from syndication because of objections to a shot of a nude Bart is silly. If anything, they could just snip that shot out. Homer, Marge, Bart, Maggie, Mr. Burns, and Barney have alread appeared nude one or more times on the show, and all those episodes are still in syndication.

Bart, Homer, and Marge have appeared without their clothes on in several episodes.

Since FOX reruns the episode where the Simspons go to NYC and Homer has to run up and down the WTC, I doubt that there is anything that is going to be removed from reruns.

This is a scene from “Deep Deep Trouble”, one of the Simpsons music videos Fox aired in the early '90s in support of their album “The Simpsons Sing the Blues”. I don’t believe it was ever rerun. (The other one was “Do the Bartman”, BTW.)

This refers to an event that happened before the series began. In the series premiere (The Simpsons Christmas Special, that is) Marge is heard reading aloud a letter to her sisters wherein she mentions the death of Snowball and their subsequent adoption of Snowball II.

It sounds like you’re describing one of their music videos. It’s on the 2nd season DVD set.

“Deep Deep Trouble” I think


Has the ep where the Simpsons go to NYC and Homer insults people in the World Trade Center been officially pulled from syndication? It was temporarily pulled IIRC but some Dopers reported seeing it after 9/11/01.

Has there been any word on whether there are plans to pull the space shuttle episode because of the Columbia explosion?

I have, indeed seen the WTC epidsode since 9/11 as well. I was wondering about the Space Shuttle mission as well, but I’d bet it’ll still run.


I’ve seen it since Sept. 11th – twice, I think.

I haven’t heard anything but I expect they’ll do the same thing; hold it for a while and then bring it back into the line-up.


We’ve never seen Snowball I or been told definitively about his/her fate. The Mayor Quimby reference was just a joke.

And “Simpsons” is plural, not possessive, so there should be no apostrophe in the thread title or in your OP.

The spaceship in that episode wasn’t a shuttle, though it looked vaguely like one. It was a Corvair, the joke being the corvair was the extremely dangerous car that, among other things, inspired Ralph Nader’s Unsafe at any Speed.

For the record, Snowball I appears in “Bart Gets Hit By a Car”, Season 2, as Bart rides an escalator to heaven. The cat has a tire-tread right across it.

Also, trying to prove that there isn’t a lost episode b/c “questionable” episodes air is pretty shaky logic, although I also have never heard of an episode which is no longer aired.

I haven’t seen that episode in a while. You’re saying the design was that of a Corvair strapped to a rocket?

No, it was named the Space Shuttle Corvair.

I remember watching the footage of the Columbia crew and I remember one of them eating some food, much like how Homer was eating his chips when he was in outer space.

Kinda makes me sad when I think about it.

Man, I was hoping someone was going to mention the episode I remember from (probably) the first season, which they advertised would never be shown again.

I missed the show the week it was supposedly on. This was, what, 14 years ago? But still, I distinctly remember that they advertised there would be a Simpsons that would never be reshown.

Tonight, I saw the “138th Episode Spectacular” clips show, which showed Homer in space (it was the potato chips and ants scene.)

Ooh! Perfect oppourtunity for me to ask a question that’s plagued me for ages!

So…in that one Simpsons episode where we find out that the register says “NRA4EVER” and so forth (:rolleyes: ), they also mention that Dr. Marvin Monroe is one of two characters who’ve died up to that point on the show. I have seen the damn Bleeding-Gums-Murphy-dies-and-plays-that-godawful-“Jazz Man”-song episode repeatedly, but I’ve never seen an episode where the death of Dr. Marvin Monroe is even discussed, other than that one, and a couple other episodes where we see his headstone. Was there an episode where he died?

Dr. Marvin Monroe never died in an episode, but reports state that Harry Shearer wanted to get rid of the character because it was too hard on his voice.

So since Shearer wouldn’t do him, he was effectively dead.