Vaguely remembered Simpsons bit--can you ID the episode?

I remember one really funny bit about an episode, and it was largely a background event.

Marge is in the foreground talking to Someone. The angle is such that you can see the side of the Simpson’s house. At this point, I’m kind of guessing on the specifics. As she’s talking, you see Homer walk by. Let’s say he’s carrying a kettle barbeque (maybe) to the back yard. He walks back. He now has a box of matches and carries them to the back yard. He walks back with the now empty box. He returns with a gasoline can. (at this point, I’m pretty certain that these are the specific events). He’s covered with soot and runs back to the front lawn. He returns to the backyard with a hose. The hose catches on fire (?). He runs back to the front of the house and returns with a fire extinguisher. He runs to the front of the house, with the extinguisher on fire. He goes back to the backyard and runs back, but now he’s on fire. I think there’s one more gag with a fire truck showing up.

This whole gag can’t take more than 2 minutes tops, and the whole time, Marge is talking to someone else either about something unrelated or about how Homer is doing so much better.

I know that it’s a later episode, say, roughly season 20 forward.

Anyone else remember this bit? Any idea what episode it was in?

I want to say it’s the episode where they stay at (Stupid) Flanders’ Summer house. Summer of 3’2" (Maybe?).

My guesses would be “Springfield Up” or “Behind the Laughter”.

The closest to that I can recall is when home squeezes an entire canister of quick start fluid onto the BBQ, then throws out that out when it gets empty and starts squeezing a 2nd one on the coals. Then he lights it to explosive effect.

Just want to correct myself, the title of the episode I was thinking of was Summer of 4’2" but I am not even close to sure the joke if it exists is from that episode.

This “Sixty Seconds of Simpsons” for "Summer of 4 foot 2"does not show the bit you remember…