Was there ever a Daisy Kenyon comic strip?

I just saw the Joan Crawford flick “Daisy Kenyon” (1947), and my memory keeps insisting that many moons ago, there was a syndicated comic strip based on it. However, my internet searches allude to some comic books, but no strip. Is it just me, or did it actually exist? :thinking:

Was Daisy briefly married to Steve Canyon?

Not to my knowledge. My memory keeps telling me she had her own strip.

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I have no recollection myself of there being a Daisy Kenyon comic strip. Google finds nothing on this either.

The trivia page for the movie Daisy Kenyon notes that the character played by Dana Andrews calls people “honey-bunch” and “pet”. The cartoon strip Andy Capp has the title character calling people by those names. It soon became something it was well known for. Is it possible these two facts have become mixed in your mind?

I found that little bit of trivia on my current search, but since it’s the 1st I ever heard it, I’d have to say no. Thanks.

Thanks, What_Exit. I may very well be thinking of Brenda Starr, although I can’t see why my memory would confuse the two. Memory is a funny thing, though.