Was there really a Grizzly Adams?

As a child, I was a fan of watching Grizzly Adams re-runs on a local station that used to show nothing but old western re-runs. Was there really a Grizzly Adams? Or is this just a fanciful (but extremely convincing and realistic) something that was invented for a TV show?


Some history here

Wow, that’s really interesting. They must’ve decided to leave the part about his exposed brain out of the show. :eek:

And his shocking homosexual relationships with Ben the bear and new guy Steve, uncovered by the hard-hitting journalism of Family Guy.


It’s actually Grizzly Zotti.

IIRC, the question of his “exposed brain” is addressed in Irving Wallace’s book on P. T. Barnum, The Fabulous Showman.
The consensus seems to be that he did not, in fact, have his brain exposed. Rather, a portion of the casing which serves as a cushion between the brain and the skull was exposed, which is icky enough.

In addition to his accomplishments as an explorer, Adams appears to have been one of the great “travel liars” of all time, having claimed to have sighted camels and elephants, among other things, in the wilds of California.

In Jack Finney’s book Forgotten News there is a brief item about how Adams had a grizzly he killed made into a chair, and sent it to President Andrew Johnson. The head served as an arm rest. While pretty much anyone else would have thanked Adams and then stuck the chair away in an attic or given it to The Smithsonian, Johnson appears to have genuinely liked it, and kept it in the oval office.