Wasabi Ice Cream

Has anyone ever tried wasabi flavored ice cream? There’s a sushi place downtown where I live that serves it. I’ve heard that it tastes quite refreshing, and that the heat of the actual wasabi is diluted quite a bit. Thoughts?

Yes, I’ve had it, and I like it. It’s not as hot as wasabi paste, but it does have a noticeable bite. I like red bean ice cream better, though.

It’s not the only spicy/cold combo in ethnic food. Mexico has paletas, which are basically fruit popsicles. One common variety is sandia, watermelon spiced with a hint cumin and black pepper… quite yummy. The really spicy one, though, is pepino y chile, cucumber with red pepper. Mrs. Bug makes these with sugar so that they’re mildly sweet, too… and therefore highly addictive.

I stopped at a small market in a Latino part of town for a pack of smokes once, and next to the counter was a freezer with a variety of paletas, including pepino. Gleefully, I bought one and once outside, chomped into it…


It tasted like ass… no sugar, and some ungodly other herb… probably bad cilantro… it was like frozen pickle juice. Actually, it wasn’t even that good.

Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack… we now return to our wasabi, already in progress…