Washington state man pulled over with corpse in truck.

the voices made him do it.

I can tell I’ve lost the better part of my humanity, because I read this story and think “Thurston… Howell… Start looking for a parrot to get to the bottom of those ‘voices…’”

How do people in other states get rid of dead bodies?
racer72, life long Washington resident.

I’m kidding for those that thought I was serious.

I still got some space behind the garden shed… why?

“Get rid of them”? Damn, knew I forgot something.

Real friends help hide the bodies.

Why do voices always tell people to do bad things? They never say “Put 50% of your earnings in savings” or “Eat less fat and exercise more”. It’s always kill this guy or kill that guy or put that dog in that wood chipper. Damn voices

Yes Master.

Worse, I just read another update on the story that stated he admitted to having sex with the corpse.

Hey, she didn’t say not to.

Maybe the voices *do *tell people to stand up straight and eat thier veggies, it’s just those aren’t the people who make the news.

Tahssa, unplug the chipper and invite a friend out for a coffee instead.


Not another weird sex story from our great state!

A guy just down the road from me got in trouble for having sex with the family Malamutes…after attending a “furry convention” in Seattle.

I saw the story about the body in the car in my local paper but hadn’t gotten around to reading it yet.


Plug…friend…into…Tahssa’s chipper…to make coffee.

Got it.

Death of Rats, please move to somewhere you get better signal.

“Yelm, in the Nisqually Valley” sounds like something out of Clan of the Cave Bear.

Yes Master. May I do both of them?

This is now my Facebook status. Thank you.

The voices changed their minds. They say “Give 50% of your savings to me” and “Eat more cilantro so there will be less of them in the world annoying me” :cool:

You may only use it if you plan on doing those things! :smiley:

They probably do sometimes. But the 85 year old in perfect health with 2 million dollars in his savings account doesn’t make the 6:00 news.

Look In The Tunk!

Monday, August 9th @approximately 10:40 PM) Uniform Patrol Officers from the Gwinnett County Police Department responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle in a residential drive within the 200 block of Bona Road. This is a residential address located within unincorporated Gwinnett County in an area associated with Buford.

Patrol Officers responding to the report located a suspicious vehicle. Additionally, they located an adult male that could be directly associated with the vehicle. Through their preliminary investigation, the officers found that his presence at that location, at that time was suspicious. During the course of their conversations with this person, the individual fled from the officers. A brief foot chase followed. While pursuing, one of the officers suffered an injury to his ankle and was unable to continue. Investigating the suspicious vehicle further officers established cause to look within the vehicle’s trunk. Doing so, they discovered the body of an unknown person. The officers immediately secured the scene and contacted Gwinnett County Police Homicide Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators.

**This occurred last night, a few minutes from my home near Atlanta.
What a treat. **

No, they don’t tell you good things because of what the voices are–manifestations of your subconscious desires. They are just short circuits in the brain. Instead of these thoughts being filtered out as stupid, they bypass all that and go straight to the same place where subvocalizations are processed.

Nobody has subconscious desires to be logical–that’s a higher order level of thinking. And it’s not like they are actual spirits who are independent and can actually give premonitions.