Waste of taxpayer money.....

So, I’ve been hearing commercials on the radio saying to fathers “it only takes a moment to make a moment”. So, these commercials are encouraging men to spend time with their kids.

I’m thinking that that men who don’t already spend time with their kids aren’t going to be affected enough by a radio commercial to change their behavior. I’m sure it’s the same for women too.

Why does our government spend money on this stuff? Seems very wasteful.

The government doesn’t pay for ad time for public service announcements, so you can sleep easy tonight.

Assume a 30 second radio spot cost $1000 and gets played 4 times per hour from 6-9 AM and 3-6 PM. Comes out to $24,000 a day or $8.7 million over the course of a year.

A city of 1 million people might have a budget of 2 billion dollars. So, assuming the city is the source of the program, that represents 0.4% of the budget.

So sure you can object that it’s not the role of the city to promote committed family structures ensuring mentally healthy and socially well adjusted children. However, for a reasonably small sum you might be able to prod/guilt some fathers to spend more time engaged with their kids and that may reduce the small/petty crimes disaffected youth can be entangled with.

A very strong vote for everyone to read this post.

I feel the same way about sports stars endorsing products like sodas or cars. Who changes their preferences because a celebrity said so? But it must work, or they wouldn’t do it.

Ok - that’s good. Did they pay for the “WWE Superstar” to provide the voice over? That I don’t know. But it is good to know that at least they don’t pay for the airtime.

I don’t know what the union rules are for PSAs, but I’d bet that if he got paid it was only scale, which isn’t all that much.

Why do you think it won’t affect anyone? Perhaps some fathers are busy and don’t spend time because they don’t think to, not because they don’t want to. This might motivate some of them to put their kids higher on their priority list.
Do you think Smokey the Bear is useless also?

Or it might be a charitable effort on his behalf. I don’t know who sponsored the PSA, but if the wrestler was the public face of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America or something, I would suspect his time wouldn’t be compensated.

I’m not saying that there’s zero cost involved in any particular PSA… but it’s probably close.

He’d have to get a SAG waiver to work for free. You can - my daughter did to act in NYU student films, but even if that is against the rules it wouldn’t cost much.
Don’t discount studio time and crew time. I think ad agencies do them for free, but I bet you have to pay someone. And there is always craft services! But it would be a lot cheaper than your normal ad.

Smokey Bear. No “the”.

It’s not aimed at those who would never even think of spending time with their kids. It’s aimed at those who need a reminder or nudge.

Damn! I’ve lived almost six decades and this is the first time I knew that!

This. I’ll cop to being the target audience–a guy who was raised to be a selfless provider for the family, a tool, a money making, thing-fixing machine. The very idea that my kids might want to spend time with me, getting to know me as a person, makes about as much sense as wanting to cozy up to a hammer. Intellectually, I know I’m worth more to them than that, and that they would welcome my company. But after a few days of hacking away in the money mines it’s easy to forget.

Useless? No. Overly successful? Counterproductive? Perhaps.

The law of unintended consequencesenforces itself once again.

I know, but it still ruins one of my favorite “dad jokes”: What’s Smokey the Bear’s middle name?

It’s like spam or telemarketers. The one they get negates the 100s who don’t bite.

What do Smokey the Bear and Winnie the Pooh have in common? :smiley:

Community service.

(Bolding mine.) https://www.fatherhood.gov/dadtalk-blog/hey-dads-it-only-takes-moment-make-moment