Wat happened to the SD home page, showing the GQ, IMHO, etc?

I bookmarked the SDMB years ago, and when it opened, there was what I thought was the home page, with the main forums.

Today, for some goofy reason, it opens with a bunch of misc. questions, and can’t find any way to get to the regular old page. The only way I got here was to was to Google “Straight Dope Message Board,” and then the top hit showed the usual forums below, but if I clicked on the main one,it goes right back to the strange page.

Even going here, when I get to the bottom to jump to the other usual forums, they are no longer listed.

Did I inadvertently hit some wrong keys and screw up everything, or has the SD gone nuts? Or have I?

Help, please.

What is the date today? Check your calendar.

it’s a virus

see post 11



I thought WTF for a minute til I remembered what day it is. Cute.

I mooved this from “Got Cite?” to “13 Conversations About One Thing” because, well, you know.

Well, obviously I don’t know all that much anyhoo.

Wombats of the world, arise, unite! You have nothing to lose but yourr chains. Or hair

I’m going back to bed until 4/2/2010.

Got me

April 2nd, 2010. It’s Good Friday where I am.

(Yes, I know, time differences and all that…)

February 4th has been and gone, you know…

Aparently that won’t help, as it’s already 4/2. Every other site I saw wrapped up early, but these guys want to hold on.

I’m guessing it’ll be back by 6:00AM CDT, if not by 4:00AM (when it’s 4/2 on the International dateline and all of the U.S., respectively.)

To the Admins, Mods and anyone else involved in today’s shenanigans:

Thank you. It was a blast! :cool:

Ha ha. I managed to get a better title :stuck_out_tongue:

(Y’all knew I was playing, right?)