Watch dealers? Value of late-'70s vintage Rolex non-date Submariner?

It’s about time I start paring down the possessions. I like the Rolex GMT Master II I bought new in 2001. I also like the late-'70s (?) vintage non-date Submariner (5513?) I got used. Of the two, I wear the GMT more often. Maybe I should sell the Sub?

I year or so ago, I asked a coin- and jewelry dealer what the Sub I was wearing was worth. He said about $4,500. Checking the Sold listings on eBay (only briefly, as I’m at work) I see watches that look like mine that sold for $8,000 to $10,000.

My watch has the curved crystal. It was overhauled a decade or so ago, and received a new dial (which is still very bright when you turn the lights off). Not scratched or abused. Without seeing it, are there any Dope dealers watching? I mean Watch-dealer Dopers who can give me a ballpark figure?

Was that performed at the factory, with associated paperwork, and do you have the original dial?

I took it to Ben Bridge, who sent it to Rolex. No idea if I still have the paperwork. I might. Come to think of it, I might have a box and the appropriate anchor.

I used to own a Rolex Submariner (non-date) with the curved crystal that was purchased new around 1988. Not sure about yours, but my understanding is that the curved crystals were actually plastic. I know this because it scratched very easily, and I had to frequently take it into the dealer to have the scratches buffed out. I eventually got tired of this, so in 1991 I traded it in and replaced it with a Rolex Submariner Date. The crystal on this one was much harder and flat. It never got any scratches in it, which I liked very much…until I struck it on a tool the wrong way and cracked the crystal. :roll_eyes:

This was back in 2006. I’ve been meaning to get it repaired since then.

As I recall, the Submariner Date cost considerably more than the non-date. In the early ‘90s, the Submariner Date in stainless steel sold new from an authorized dealer for about $2,500, while the non-date in stainless steel with the curved plastic crystal sold for $700-800.

All I know is what I’ve seen on Antiques Roadshow, and they always say that most of the value is in the original parts. Replacement parts lower the value considerably.