Watch Dogs - PC and consoles

Has anyone seen this video for Ubisoft’s upcoming game Watch Dogs? The meat of the video begins at about 1:00. Confirmed here for PCs and consoles both.

I’m ridiculously fucking excited for this game, even though it doesn’t come out until 2013. The game was mentioned in the short E3 thread a while ago but I’m wondering what, if anything, other people have heard or read about this game. At the very least maybe some other people will get ridiculously fucking excited for it, too.

It’s supposed to be open world. The hacking mechanic is supposed to open up a ton of options on how you can go about accomplishing your missions.

Basically think a more open world Deus Ex.

Which sounds awesome, but I’m skeptical that they’re going to pull it off. If it was a PC exclusive later to be ported to next gen consoles I might be less skeptical, but if it’s coming to current gen consoles with all of their hardware limitations, well color me surprised if it doesn’t turn out to be a linear, corridor, mostly scripted experience.

At least the graphics will be pretty amazing… on PC.

The demo they showed had the main protagonist hack a cell phone to eavesdrop on conversations and to draw a target out from protection. He then hacked a traffic light and caused an accident which played out differently on a few of the demo’s. Sometimes it killed someone other than this target, sometimes it killed his target or made him vulnerable.

There’s definitely potential there.

It looks like one of those games with a tedious save/reload process as you try and figure out the solution that the developer intended for you to use to solve its challenges or what you’re able to get away with. Maybe great presentation can save it, like with DXHR or Assassin’s Creed 2.

This generation has been all about precisely that in these types of open world games. Poking at the machine to see what comes out. The machine, being as dumb as a doornail, usually breaks, and only a particular set of actions will regurgitate a successful outcome.

Oh how I long for the time when AI will be smart enough to adapt to situations created by the player and not only react intelligently to the player’s prodding… but maybe also prod the player right back!

Unfortunately I don’t think that’ll be a feature in gaming until I’m long dead.