Watch It! Quasi's In A Johnny Cash (Strike That!) June Carter STATE OF MIND!!!!!

Yep. Y’all got it. Ol’ Quasi cried when he saw those two because I love them both so much.

Please use this thread as your favorite Carter Family (Or June and Johnny) songs.


Weepy ol’ Q:)

Were you There When They Crucified My Lord–Johnny backed by Mother Maybelle & her beautiful daughters. Many years ago; they’re all gone now.

Thank you, Bridget. Thank you very much.


too many good songs to pick a favorite Carter Family songs.

Try, John.


they did some early recording of popular songs or helped make then popular: Blackjack David, Wabash Cannonball, Can The Circle be Unbroken, Worried Man Blues, Keep On The Sunny Side.

songs they grew up with or were popular they might do.

Minor nitpick, but was it “Blackjack Davey” and “Will” The Circle, John?



No Johnny or June here, but Flatt & Scruggs playing the Carters’ You Are My Flower. With Mother Maybelle looking on ensure that Earl played it right. (Here’s the original–audio only.) OK, here’s Johhny introducing Maybelle & Sarah singing the tune; I think Mother Maybelle had mostly switched to autoharp by that time because arthritis had lessened her ability to do that highly influential picking.

I do love that tune. (Willie Nelson picks a pretty good version, too.)

Oh, and here’s Anita Carter with a special guest star. And with a guest guitar player

Back to The Original Carter Family, who remind us that there’s No Depression in Heaven

(And here’s Something Completely Different to pick up the tempo. The Carter Family did not hold with dance music–but we Texans do!)

i don’t have any 78 discs or sleeves in front of me, nor do i own any. my lists and checking shows:

The Gypsy Laddie (Blackjack David, Blackjack Davey) had over 2 dozen names and they did one named Blackjack David at one release. Blackjack Davey is often the title people know and has many covers with it.

The hymn is ‘Will the Circle Be Unbroken’, the Carters did a release ‘Can The Circle be Unbroken’, most covers or later versions use ‘Will the Circle Be Unbroken’.