Watch it swell up. Watch it grow harder.

I am so giddy about the fact that I sprained my left ankle for the 10th time in my left. Since I have also tweaked the right side 10 times, I am now in perfect balance with the universe.

For a daily color update, it is mainly purple with some light ecru aruond the edges. Truly a thing of beauty.

Oh man. After your posting in the Penis thread, I was really excited about reading this OP.


(Sorry about your ankle. Sending good wishes your way.)

Oooh, cool! Do you have the bruising across the toes, too? I had that when I sprained mine, on my way to Atlanta.

Clearly, something about the state of Georgia makes one lose one’s balance.

This would actually be state #5 for my ankle spraining.
Colorado - 12
Georgia - 5
Kansas - 1
Texas - 1
Florida - 1

Maybe I need to start some sort of database, rather than committing this to memory.

And hubby laughed cynically when I clicked on this thread…

Get well soon. :O)