Watch out where the huskies go...

When the painters came to get the new apartment ready, our beagle walked in and wee-wee’d right in the middle of the living room. We have tile floors throughout the place, it’s easy enough to mop, and occasionally the S.O.B. lifts his leg on the newspaper outside on the balcony where he is supposed to.

However, there are two places inside the house which have been marked; in the bathroom next to the drain in the floor, and in front of the smiling Buddha. The former can be dealt with, the latter is causing my wife conniptions.

Here’s the question: How can one remove the scent of the huskie wee-wee (I mean, the doggie wee-wee) from our tile floor so that Leica will stop going back to the same place?

Or, will I have to go trudging across the tundra…mile after mile?

Here in the US, you can buy a number of products to get the scent out. You need to use one of those products and really soak and clean the carpet. Apparently, there is some sort of protein used as a pheromone, and you need to digest this using an enzyme. At least that’s what the manufacturers’ claim, (but we all know that they are stricly commercial.)

After that, keep the area off limits from the dog until the dog gets out of habit (perhaps put a lead filled showshoe on the area). This worked with our puppy, but she was prone to accidents for quite a while. It was necessary to be very vigilant with the area, lest it is destined to take the place of the mudshark in your mythology.

Bleach should oxidize it to a fare-thee-well; at least, it works for cats, which, admittedly, have less sensitive noses than your beagle.

Great Googly Moogly!!!

Red Pepper.