Watch the train climb the escalators at O'Hare.

Watch the train climb the escalators at O’Hare.

I hate it when that happens.

Is this for real? Because that’s an awesome video if it is. Somebody is soooooo fucked.

Sorry video seems to have been removed.

Ya snooze, ya lose.

All of you who wasted a perfectly good night sleeping, you have one more chance to see this:

I’m trying to imagine the layout of that station. I ride SEPTA regional rail into center city Philly everyday to the underground station at Market East. The tracks are sunk below the platform level and I can’t imagine it jumping onto the platform let alone being able to continue forward afterwards, let alone going up an escalator. Even if it got onto the platform somehow and was able to continue forward there are too many obstructions, pillars and such, for it to get very far.

Was this the end of a line? Did it simply run out of track? Wouldn’t there be a barrier at the end of the track if that were the case?

Yep, it was the end of the line, the track ended, and there was a barrier but it was obviously inadequate to stop the train under these conditions. The NTSB also says the emergency brake engaged but, again, was not adequate to the situation. Current theory is that the “bump” thingy at the end of the track somehow wound up acting like a “catapult”, sort of launching the train upwards and slightly to the right, thereby impacting the escalator.

Yes, it’s the end of a line. There’s a picture here. It was on the center track, which dead ends into a platform area. There’s a buffer at the end of the line, but I think it’s more like a curb in a parking lot, to stop little miscalculations rather than a train driving through at speed.

The other two tracks are off to the side and the crash probably would have been different (I don’t know about better) had it been on one of those tracks.

So the track is in the middle of the platform and it looks like it was lined up with the escalator. I can’t tell for sure but is it less sunken than the ones on the sides? I suppose they had good reasons for designing it that way but it looks unsafe to me.

Of course, I’ve never rode SEPTA all the way to the airport so for all I know we have a similar setup here.

So now when your watching a cheesy action movie with a train running down the platform and someone rolls their eyes and says “Yeah Right!” we can say “Actually…”

Nope. I’ve been to that station many times. All train tracks are on the same level, which is below the level of the platforms.

The track is not really lined up with the escalator, the two are offset, but it’s not a huge difference. The train only had to go slightly to the right when it went airborne to land on the escalator.

Here is a different angle. You can see the train is actually only on the left rail of the escalator, not actually centered on it.

FYI, SEPTA has a series of 3/4 platforms at PHL, all above ground. You walk over the tracks (along with a couple of roads) when you take the bridge from the terminals to the baggage-claim area. If a train overran the end of the line there, it would probably interfere with traffic on the above-mentioned roadways.

Here is a photo taken out of the back window of a train stopped in the middle track of the station: the same track that the ill-fated train came in on. You can see that there is a bumper device at the end of the tracks. Straight past that are the stairs and the escalators. There are two escalators with a much wider set of stairs between them. The train actually ended up mostly on the stairs, but everyone is having fun saying the train took the escalators.

It’s actually a good thing that the train jumped up on the platform. The alternative would have resulted in one or more cars being smashed like an accordion and crushing the people inside. Of course, if there had been people on the stairs or platform, they would have probably been killed.

The cars are designed so that if two trains hit each other that the rear train will climb over the front train rather than telecscoping into the front train. I don’t know if that has anything to do with why the train jumped over the end of the tracks.

As for the man with the suitcase in the video, it was very strange that he was coming up the escalator at that moment. At that hour of the night, trains run 30 minutes apart, so it wasn’t as if he had just gotten off another train. He was indeed fortunate that he cleared the escalator seconds before the train hit, but he was probably fortunate that he decided to leave the platform just before the train came in.

You’ve just launched a bunch of conspiracy theories. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, did the train catch its flight, then, or was it held up again at the TSA checkpoint?

Not if you’re ON the train! Cha-CHING!!

Not strange at all. He exited his plane, felt the call of nature and followed his nose to the urine smell: CTA infrastructure. Finding no relief at the source, he asked the guard who had a good laugh and, while recounting the many stories of this same understandable mistake, dodged the flying debris.

It had a hard time getting through the metal detector. Sucks to be a train.

I read that the driver fell asleep. Apparently the train took the opportunity to attempt to escape.

The train fell asleep.
After years of passing the airport and seeing 1000s of takeoffs it was dreaming it was an airplane.