Watchalong Thread for Simpleton Mafia - No Live Players Please!

Might as well set up the tables and chairs, and get out the punch bowl.

and, of course, NO SPOILERS!

Well, here we go! Today’s first very special guest… Mahaloth! What do you want on your pizza?

I love the way these games always seem to start with half the players wanting to lynch the Prof… :smiley:

It’s my dynamic personality! (And I don’t stop chattering.)

I’m at a loss to explain Day One. That was a bizarre end. Prof, I don’t get your unvote at all.

Yeah, well, the real world intervened sharply. I have occasional bouts with tussive syncope: I have a coughing fit and pass out. It hasn’t happened in a couple of years, then it did. I hit my head and concussed. I was trying to play two Mafia games at once, and suddenly found myself with only enough cerebral power for one, and was fearful I wasn’t going to be able to do even that one. Consequently, I decided a dramatic exit would shake things up. I did (and do) think PCM’s town (I’m guessing) and TexCat is Scum (guessing). No repeat episodes, and I’ve stopped coughing completely, so I’m probably good for awhile now.

I wonder when toDay ends. Better get a chair ready for snfaulkner.

Mushrooms. Double mushrooms.

Coming right up.

This is one active game. Will septimus claim? Will septimus die? Who’s Scum? Who’s Town?

Welcome snfaulkner! What do you want on your Tombstone? (Pizza, that is.)

Hey guys! First of all, sorry I killed yinz. Second, that was my first time as scum and I’m not sure I liked it as much as being a townie. It was less stressful, but I felt bad making lies and accusing people. Thirdly, Pepperoni and BACON! load up the pig bits!

I need a lesson in not feeling bad about crafting devious lies about people I barely know.

Well, first I need a lesson in crafting devious lies. Then maybe therapy to not feel bad about it.

I understand. I hated playing Scum the one time I did. Thin or thick crust?

I can see maybe enjoying it more if the setup were a bit different, but I’m not gonna spoiler it with details.

And does tombstone pizza come in anything other than thin crust?

It does if I hook up my bicycle pump.


Hehe, thin crust is fine.

We should start our own mafia game. With Blackjack. And hookers.

Re: not feeling bad about it – the key is to realize you didn’t pick being Scum, it was forced upon you. And every good story needs a good villain.

I’m much better at Clue.

The one and only time I’ve scummed, I more or less found myself telling the truth. Town will do things that look scummy. Scums job is to make sure those are discussed more than the scummy things scum does. You’re lying with the truth.

What as the assassin’s ability, if that’s not spoilery?