Watching computer on my TV w/ wireless - possible?

My computer is in the bedroom - my television is in the living room. I’d like to watch the computer’s video signal on the TV.

Is there a way to connect the two without running 60 feet of cable? I’m renting so I don’t think they’ll be happy with me drilling holes in the wall. It’s a standard coax television, no s-video or A/V jacks, though the VCR does have A/V jacks. I know I’d need a video card with a coaxial or A/V out, any recommendations?

Is there anything like an ipod FM transmitter, but for TV signals? I wouldn’t have too much trouble with interference, we only get one channel out here.

I am not in the US, and am not sure where you are, but if you can get a video card with the right outputs (which I am sure you’ll be able to do), there are solutions that allow wireless transmission of tv signals.

What you are looking for is a “wireless AV receiver” and “wireless AV transmitter”. They would normally come together, but you can buy extra receivers to get two or maybe three different splits.

I do not vouch for their suitability or quality, just their existence. I’ve not had great experiences with running my PC over to my TV, lots of resolution inconsistencies. Normally, watching a movie is OK though, but getting the actual desktop looking ok and being usable takes a lot more effort.

Some would even say more effort than it is worth.

I have heard reports that PCSender is a fantastic solution. I have seen them on ebay (this one has 3 days left) for as little as £20.
Connecting is easy as it plugs in between your VGA cable and your monitor on the PC end and plugs into the TV by SCART.

Possible? Yes.
Will you be happy with the results? Probably no.

What you will need is a low power VHF transmitter which will broadcast on an unused frequency (probably channel 3 or 4) and an antenna connected to your RF in connection on the TV set.

The resolution will be terrible. Assuming you are in the US, the standard NTSC video resolution is somewhat less than 640 x 480 and the process of modulating/transmitting/receiving/demodulating the signal will degrade it even more.

This is assuming you have a standard NTSC TV and not an HDTV system. With HDTV the resolution will be better, but you probably won’t be able to find a transmitter for any kind of reasonable price.