Watching Ellie Appreciation Thread

I will appreciate it being cancelled. What an annoying piece of crap that show is.

It is a pathetic excuse for entertainment. I am scarred by the few minutes of that drivel that I watched. Even though I’ve ranted on two other boards about the show, I hated it so badly that I must start another thread here about how absymally stiff the acting is, how predictable the “jokes” are and how contrived the situations are.

Please put this show out of its misery before I begin to associate it with Steve Carell and and ruin his otherwise stellar reputation.

One reply in a month. I think that says it all.

My eyes will final go back to normal from two strains:

  1. Rolling skyward every time the NBC announcer said “NBC’s newest hit ‘Watching Ellie’ is next”. “Hit”? right…

  2. Popping out because it seemed every time I happened to see part of the show, J L-D was walking around with an open blouse or just a bra. Must have an open marriage, since her husband was a writer.

Homebrew, you really shouldn’t do this to me. I saw the title of this thread and instantly thought “What fucking tasteless schlub actually likes this steaming pile of goat shit?”

Then I saw your name and momentarily stopped breathing, as I endured a moment of cognitive dissonance between what I’ve picked up on about you from your posting history and an apparently professed liking for this stinking pile of rotting dog vomit.

Then I actually opened the thread and read the OP and breathed a sigh of relief because it meant I didn’t have to hitchhike to Texas to perform an intervention and reprogramming to rid your mind of the brainwashing that the producers of this putrid hospital-waste landfill of a “show” had obviously subjected you to.

Other than that, the giant English guy is cute.


Sorry, jayjay.

I guess the two responses I’ve gotten explain why the thread sank like a rock when I started it. I expected a pile-on of fellow haters. But I guess everyone who hated the show was too polite to even open the thread with the intention to flame the OP.

And it seems nobody really enjoyed the show since there was no attempt to hijack this into a true appreciation thread.

I hate the show. Joule loves it. Everytime I have the good fortune to miss an episode, she tells me that it was hilarious. When we watch it together, somehow it’s “not as good”.

Well, it’s not the greatest thing on TV. But I like it well enough.
It’s slower-moving, more organic & “real-timey” than normal sitcoms, which isn’t a bad thing, really. And I like Don Lake. Also the sister. They have this quality I find oddly endearing, unusual for TV characters: the loopy eccentricities of people you might actually meet in reality.

Really, that you call this an “appreciation thread” is surprising.

Well, Homebrew, if it makes you feel any better, I opened this tonight for the same reason :wink:

I really really really wanted to like this show, but uhm, that was impossible!

Therefore, I too will appreciate when it is canceled :smiley: