Watching the final four on the Internet

So here’s the deal: my lovely wife’s birthday is on Sunday, and on Saturday, I’d love to take her out for dinner. My father is going to be in town. He’s agreed to babysit our adorable 13-week-old daughter while we go out for dinner.

With one condition: he’s a ginormous UNC fan, and they’re going to be playing in the Final Four at 5 pm on Saturday. He wants to see the game. He needs to see the game. He WILL see the game.

And we don’t have a TV connection.

Is there anywhere on the Internet that you can watch the Final Four? We do Hulu, I know about CNN etc., but I don’t know what the licensing deals are for college basketball.


Try the official site which has been broadcasting all the games for free:

Yep, works great. But you must have a broadband connection. Also you must download/install the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in.

Unless your uncle is fairly internet/computer savvy, I would do the setup, test it (you can watch highlights/etc), and leave very explicit instructions.

Also realize that there are different quality settings, from “really good” to “fairly poor”, and if you get a bunch of buffering lowering the quality setting should help. Again, might want to leave instructions.

Awesome, folks–thanks! This is exactly what I needed.

It looks like you only need Silverlight to watch it in high-quality, which my 768 kps connection won’t support anyway I’m sure.

Thanks again!