Watching the Rose Parade and I'm wondering...

Why does the Salvation Army have a band?

Same reason the U.S. Army does, i suppose. .

Why do churches have choirs?

Same reason.

Nothing new about this; the clip is from 53 years ago. Start at around the 2:00 mark.

The Sally Army started off with bands.
It was their main selling point. General Booth laid out: help the poor; preach the gospel; dress up in quasi-military gear and march around hitting the big drum.

I watch it to see the Lutheran float (Thrivent?) with the waving Jesus. The parade is nice because it’s not about selling toys and games like Macy’s parade, except the Disneyland float.

If we’re wondering things about the Rose Parade - do you watch it on NBC or HGTV? I hate NBC’s coverage with all of its stupid banter and commercials. At least HGTV does it without interruption.

I watch it commercial free on local TV, I live here. They’ve been without commercials for as long as I remember.

I have watched HGTV for several years. They have the most complete coverage, I think, and show most entries. I’ve seen floats and bands drive by in the background on NBC while the host yammered on about other things.


"Watching the Rose Parade and I’m wondering… "

I was sure this was going to end with, “…why is Al Roker even on TV?”

"Watching the Rose Parade and I’m wondering… "

I was sure this was going to end with, “…do the marching bands maintain their formation even as they’re about to step in a huge steaming mound of horse poop?”

Yes. I have proof.

You just reminded me of the 1966 Batman movie.

“Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb!”

I want to know, why don’t they have weapons, planes, etc? What kind of army has no weapons?

And HGTV coverage is great, except for that doofus on the street. Adding him is starting to make HG’s coverage on the path to be as bad as everyone else’s.

I take it you’ve never spit in the red bucket. I did, and ran, and almost made it to my car before a pair of A-7 attack planes hit it with four HARM missiles… I swear I saw one pilot give me a “thumbs up” as he veered away toward a Salvation Army aircraft carrier in the far corner of the mall parking lot.

And why isn’t there a Salvation Navy?:mad:

They do a pretty good job of cleaning up horse manure. My mother attended the parade several years ago, and said one of the things you don’t see on TV are the folks with the little wheeled carts, scoops and brushes that go out to clean the poop before the next band comes along.

I love the aerial shots showing marching bands turning that first corner. It takes a lot of practice to keep straight lines and to stay in formation.

My family has open house at my mom’s on New Year’s Day. We watch the parade, eat, watch football, eat. Once each year I bring out the sweatshirt I got from an aunt’s estate. She and my uncle were Lutheran and would contribute to the fund for building the Lutheran Hour float. The shirt was a “thank you” and is pretty high quality, nice and warm and heavy.