Do you watch the Rose Parade on New Years?

I rarely watch the parades on Thanksgiving.

I always try and watch the Rose Parade. :slight_smile: I’m fascinated with what they can do with flowers and other organic material.

So, will you be watching with me on New Years morning?

Anyone, ever attend the Rose Parade? I’ve always wanted to know, can you smell the flowers as the floats go by?

1, though “why” is not entirely clear.

Yeesh, no option for “sometimes”???

Lots of my friends are big into parades but I’ve never seen the appeal at all. Especially on TV.

Like the OP, seeing what they do every year is the attraction.

I would like to see at the end of the route how frisky the bands are by then. :smiley:

Does going to see all the floats lined up count? I guess it doesn’t, since it was technically New Year’s Eve when my husband, dog and I went. Much better than having to wait for them to go by! We just spent a couple of hours walking down the street/staging area and saw the whole parade, minus the marching bands.

Sort of strange though, since anything that sticks up on the floats, like the sails on the boat on Honda’s float are sort of “folded” until the parade starts. So, the Chinese float had about 4 or five skyscrapers that looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I really like living a few blocks away from the Parade Route! :slight_smile:

Nope, strangely enough, there was no smell when we checked out the floats. I never even thought about it til you asked.

TLC is airing the behind the scenes coverage this year. Usually hgtv does it. It just came on.

The parade starts in a couple hours. Now, I have to decide which channel to pick. :wink:

Happy New Year

I’ve generally caught some or all of the parade on TV, and I have done the camp-out-on-Colorado-Boulevard thing once. I live locally, so it is more and less of a big deal at the same time.

Today, though, I’m kind of hoping I’ll have fallen back asleep before 8, so I guess I actually want to miss it.

You forgot option #4, “Of course not, I’m watching the Mummers.”

You’re so lucky. :slight_smile: I bet you can hear the marching bands in your yard.

Not sure - I’m drinking coffee and watching it on TV… It’s cold out there - it’s 50 degrees, and there are 300,000 people…

It’s nice to see the floats finished and with people on them!


There are two things I hate: parades and high school marching bands. I honestly have never understood the appeal, which is probably my loss, or not.

50 is cold?

I was a float decorator for many years, including pulling a New Year’s Eve all-nighter one year. (Our high school Girl Scout troop volunteered.) Ironically, I have never actually attended the parade itself.

What group did the one with the Ten Commandments, the Three Crosses and that awesome Ark of the Covenant? I thought that totally rocked!

Are tickets required to watch the parade? Or is it first come, best standing spot.

Also, do they leave the floats out for people to view after the parade?

The grandstands along the route are ticketed, and rather pricey. I led a youth group that worked two sets of the grandstands for Sharp Seating Company as a fundraiser (including 2006, the year of the torrential rains). The street level space in front of the grandstands is first come first serve, and many people camp out (as mentioned) for that space. No tents are allowed, but you can have a small grill, so that helps with food and warmth. There’s also lots of RV space, and many people use that option.

Yes, there’s a viewing area for the floats after the parade. Area boy scouts provide parking for that activity, also as a fundraiser.

Nope. I don’t even like live parades, let alone ones on TV. Boring!

I don’t really love it, but it’s a New Years tradition, especially on HGTV, when the commentators actually say interesting things.