Watching tos "dagger of the mind"

For the first time in more than 40 years, I just caught the significance of Kirk’s remark “She had better check out as the best assistant I ever had.” DUH! :smack:

Since you bring it up this particular episode, I will just chime in that a few years back, I worked at a job with Suzanne Wasson, the actress who played Lethe – the spaced out patient that Dr. Adams introduces to Kirk and his assistant.

I asked Ms. Wasson about the experience about being a Star Trek babe. She took it in good humor and said that: 1) she had never heard of the show when she did it, 2) Pretty much forgot all about it for about ten years, and 3) was utterly astonished when people started coming up to her in the mid-70’s and saying “You were in Star Trek, weren’t you?”

Actually, she just might have been the best assistant he ever had. Helen Noel, ACTION HERO!!!

According to Memory Alpha, filming on “Dagger” began on 9 August 1966. Since TOS debuted on 8 September 1966, it’s only logical she hadn’t heard of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like she did a lot of TV in the '80s:

Aggh. Cuts off too soon. “I thought you might be in need of assistance. I see i was wrong.”

It’s a shame for good Scotsman…er…Trekkie to admit it, but…I don’t get it.

Here she is in another role:

The best part is at 32:00–33:00! :smiley:

Remember the scene in Cheers! where Sam tells Rebecca “I’ve never **had **a friend before”? :dubious:

Noel was played by Marianna Hill aka
Mariana Schwarzkopf. A cousin of General Schwarzkopf.

Kirk better keep his hands to himself. :smiley:

Hey, terentii, wasn’t one of the original names for Kirk supposed to be “Christmas”? There was a list in “The Making of Star Trek” that included (Capt.) April ick and, I believe, (Capt.) Christmas double ick. I haven’t had that book for a long time now, and memory might be fuzzy, but does Roddenberry have a hard-on for December 25th? Inquiring minds blah, blah, blah.

Not that I recall. I don’t have my copy of the book handy, but I do remember some (if not most) of the names on the list: January, Drake, Flagg, Winter, Boone, Raintree, and Christopher; Kirk was penciled in near the end of the list.

Too late! It was obvious in the transporter room that he’d already boned her during the Christmas party. :cool:

(In the Blish adaptation, apparently written from an early draft of the script, he didn’t realize she was permanent part of the crew. In other words, he only nailed babes he knew would be gone after a day or so.)

April was eventually used as the name of the first captain of the Enterprise, Robert April, in the animated Star Trek series, although he’s not mentioned in any live-action Star Trek.

I have a question from watching “Arena”: When DuPaul gives the coordinates of the Gorn ship, he uses the terms “p.l.” and “p.m.”

“p.m.” I get. What does “p.l.” stand for? :confused:

Yes, April was the name used in the proposed series’ format, written in 1964. I don’t believe it was on the list in Whitfield’s book, though.