The Linda Park appreciation thread (Hoshi! Hoshi! Hoshi!)

We mention her enough in every Enterprise thread, so I figured she deserved her own thread.

What’s behind the Hoshi appeal? I think it’s a few different things. She’s beautiful without being dressed like the T&A of the show (see the uniforms of Counselor Troi, Seven of Nine and T’Pol–not that I’m complaining!). She’s smart and has a very unique talent (I’d pick her gift with languages over Troi’s empathic “abilities” (“Captain, I sense great hostility from the crew aboard that ship that just opened fire on us!”) any day. I also love that she can be scared and have self-doubt without appearing weak. She’s one of the best characters in Trek history, IMHO, partly because she’s written well, but mostly because of Park’s acting.

The best Hoshi episode? The episode where Hoshi drops into Malcolm’s quarters and loses her top gets all the mentions, but what about the episode where the crew takes shore leave on Riza and Trip and Malcom, trying desperately to score, end up tied up in their underwear, while Hoshi, who’d said she was just going to read, ends up going to bed with a guy she meets there? That episode sticks out as a favorite because she has her hair down. Hoshi in a ponytail may be a real cutie, but Hoshi with her hair loose is a total knockout überhottie.

Well, you’ll be happy with this week’s episode, “Exile(s?)” It’s Hoshi-centric from what I can tell.

She is much better than the show deserves.

And, I think Braga thinks Jolene Blalock is hotter (presumably because she’s more to his taste), so T’Pol unfairly gets most of the panda. I think that’s wrong.

Every Enterprise thread is a Hoshi appreciation thread. The show would be mostly unwatchable without her.