Enterprise: Exile spoilers

Bad science right from the start as NX01 whooshes through space.
I began to wonder if the spheres (hey, the sign said spoilers) emit enough gravametric waves to produce gravity about themselves, but I don’t think Berman is that sharp. I think he doesn’t know or care about mass and stuff. In the shuttle pod accident, he sure doesn’t know about Mr. Newton.
The general plot reminds me fondly of TOS. I’m going to get a “What Would Kirk Do?” bumper sticker.
“Do I drive a big car? Do I have a funny hat? Cough up the info and leave my Ensign alone, Bait Face!”
They should have lost some people in the decompression. Nice scene, BTW.
Did anyone recognize the scenes in Hoshi’s vision?
Not much Panda for Hoshi.
Her excuses reminded me of date refusals: “I have to wash my hair”.
More anon,

Uh. How is the Enterprise whooshing in a vaccuum any different than 99% of all ships in 99% of all sci-fi series doing the same? Cervaise is the nitpicker, you’re the apologist. :stuck_out_tongue:

And speaking of TOS, I noticed something on the last show. (Yeah, I’m a week late). They don’t have those little grips in the turbolifts like they do in Kirk’s era.

I’ll comment on the episode itself in a week.

Stupid UPN.

Alas and alackaday.

I’ll see it tomorrow.

Star Trek and conventional science butt heads? Never!

Rant of the hour:

You know how often women i talk to have to wash their hair? Women in this town must have the cleanest hair in the world!

On Exile under “Photos” you read the caption and click to see a representative image. [ul][]“Hoshi uncertain of Tarquin” - and she’s in a “Wha’choo talkin’ about Willis?” pose.[]“Captain Archer advises Ensign Sato” is a “Damn It, I’m Not Insane” from Archer with “Yeah, Right!” from Sato.[]“Hoshi explores Tarquin’s gothic abode” is “Is this all there is to it? Couldn’t you at least get me a chair?”[]And “Tarquin’s true appearance” is “Oohh yeah, I’m Bad”. Or is it a scene from Beauty and the Beast?[/ul]All in all, quite the set of action shots, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Squire of Gothos buys the planet with house, winds and Magical Device on sale for TOS.

Hot Exploring action!

Exile Plot: From light-years away, a powerful telepathic alien, Tarquin, mentally contacts Hoshi and convinces Archer to let the ensign briefly visit his isolated planet in exchange for crucial information on the Xindi.

Summary: At the end of 50 minutes of seeing some neat set designs Tarquin asks Hoshi for her recipe for fairy cake and some of her shampoo/mousse because he just can’t seem to control his do. In return, Hoshi learns of the Xindi that … they’re all south-paws - and the arc continues!

*Originally posted by Corner Case *
[ul][li]And “Tarquin’s true appearance” is “Oohh yeah, I’m Bad”.[/ul][/li][/QUOTE]
Actually, it looks more to me like, “My mother hates me because she had to give birth to this skull.”

Isn’t “Tarquin” a British name?

Be back tonight.

I’m so sorry.

Rock climbing, Joel.

Shades of Grand Moff Tarkin. I guess that after a while all the Sci-Fi names tend to blend together.

We paid for the van, we’re gonna film the van!!!

Next time you summon up a dark spectre out of nothing, let me know, ok?

Hmmm… Interesting explanation for the Kirk era stuff:
Quantum: “Captains are always included in First Contact meetings. Star Fleet regulations.”

Crab Legs Head is a psychic! He reads impressions from objects.

Hoshi isn’t scared of space anymore? Cool.

The lighting for the mansion is immaculate!

25 minutes into it…

Hoshi: “Auuugh! Tentacle-head is hitting on me!”

So if these spheres are causing all the anomalies, why not just blow one up? I was wondering that back in episode 2, when they found the first sphere and it was used for nothing but a pirate haven.

Crab Legs Head

It’s in the script.

Nice little slip dress she’s wearing.

The sphere reading is cool, too. Images from upcoming eps?