Watchmen Motion Comics

Has anyone seen this? Chapter 1 is free on iTunes, and for its faults, it’s hard to imagine a more faithful adaptation (if you don’t mind the absence of the text bits at the end).

About those faults:

–It strongly resembles those awful “Marvel Super Heroes” animations by Grantray-Lawrence in the 60s (“When Captain America throws his mighty shield…”).

–The word balloons are pretty distracting.

–One actor does all the voices, which is a problem so far for Silk Spectre. Gibbons always drew her a little androgynous to begin with, and this voice characterization makes her seem like a full-on cross dresser.

I can see this process-minus the word balloons and single voice actor–working well for Ditko and Romita Spider-Man comics; less so for Adams or Bolland Batman.


Is it anything like this early Hulk cartoon that took stills directly from the comic and added rudimentary transitional animation?

Yep. That Hulk cartoon was a Grantway-Lawrence production from 1966.