Water on Mars? Hip hip hooray! Really...

If it hasn’t become clear by now, yes a lot of people are hoping that if we find water, we’ll find that it’s chock-full of Martian microorganisms.

How do they know that the material was deposited by water, and not the wind?

Hey, to me, that falls somewhat short of "Water discovered on Mars!

If I was crawling across a planet sized desert, and found a place that could indicate that liquid water had recently flowed, I would be just short of diving in and drinking my fill, ya know?

We already added water to likely soils and waited for signs of life reviving. No go. On earth, you do that, you get shit growing out of the beaker. If there was water there ten years ago, there should be signs of the life that thrived on it ten years ago. Haven’t heard about that so far


The Martians have running water?

That settles it. We must invade NOW!!!