Water Pipes and Cooling the Smoke

I’ve been using a water pipe to cool my tobacco smoke so it doesn’t burn my throat. It helps quite a bit, actually. I wonder, are those really REALLY big water pipes just for show, or do the larger pipes cool the smoke even more? I might invest in a bigger one.

ETA: The pipe I have now is very small- it fits in the palm of my hand.

If you want cooler hits, look at getting a pipe with an ice chamber. It’ll have little prongs or catches that allows you to fill the neck of the pipe with ice above the water reservoir, and will cool the smoke significantly before the hit.

If you want a smoother and slightly cooler hit, look for a pipe that has a diffuser at the end of the downstem. This will create smaller bubbles as they filter through the water, creating more surface area of the hit and more efficient cooling. But in using a diffuser you can sacrifice the noise that most people associate with normal “bubblers” (if that matters to you at all).

Hope this helps.

That’s what I want. I don’t really like the experience of smoking normally, so I want to look for ways to make it more pleasant, so it will be even easier for me to get addicted. :rolleyes: