Water poisoning

Just got into a little tiff, as I often do, with a friend. The subject? Water poisoning. He said it was impossible to drink too much water, I distinctly remembered reading that too uch of anything can be bad, even water, something about athletes getting water intoxication… and we placed a 1$ bet (although I would have wagered much more). Anyway, I’m not having tremendous luck with google. Does someone want to back me up, find me a dependable cite/site? The graver the consequences the better, folks.




So, looks like you just won a dollar. Don’t spend it all in one place. :smiley:

Thanks! Time to collect my sweet, sweet dollar.

As a probably useless anecdote, at the hospital where I work we had a patient with schizophrenia who also exhibited polydipsia. That is he was compelled to drink constantly and would often end up extremely low blood electrolyte levels necessitating treatment. The nurses had to watch him like a hawk to prevent him from drinking.