Water pressure valves

I just renovated a house that had a feature I haven’t run across before. Two inline pressure regulator valves on the main water line coming into the house.

The water pressure is high in the house - better now that I’ve adjusted it, but it’s been as high as 140. I adjust it, it’s good for a while, and then it creeps back up.
I suspect the whole street is in a high pressure area - based on a conversation with a neighbor.

I can replace the valve myself, but I wonder if replacing two questionable valves with one new valve will make a difference, make it worse, or if this will be a persistent issue.

It will improve. Many municipal systems have incoming pressures of around 60psi. At 140 you can strip paint. :smiley:

Make sure your water shut off is good and holds before you go cutting things out…

It will also depend on where you are and what kind of water you are recieving. In San Jose for exaple a PRV (pressure reducing valve) is good for about a year at most. I always break the water and chew it before swalllowing.

Most PRVs are not positive closing valves and even new they will creap up in pressure when there is no flow through the valve. At 140 psi on the supply side get a good PRV. One should be as good as two.
In fact at that pressure I would consider adding a second shut off valve when replacing the PRVs. I have taken the habit of adding a second valve when I work on some systems. And the second valve should be threaded or put in using unions rather than soldering in a new valave.