Water Sealed Dishes

I remember that some dishes used a cover that fit into a plate groove. They put water in the grove for a secure seal. Does anybody know what they stored in them? Was it to help keep bateria from the food, ants, or wind blown dust?

I’ve never seen dishes like that, but what you’ve described is similar to a butter bell, which stores the butter behind a water seal so it stays good at room temperature.

Please note that “butter bell” is an old term, and I was surprised to see someone’s gone and trademarked it.

Is it a Butter Bell that you are thinking of?

I’ve heard of pots used this way to store fermenting KimChee

It’s a pretty clever solution. Before people had access to latex or other gums that could be used to make air-tight seals, the idea of glazed vessels and water seals were probably about as good as you could get (at least without danger – a water seal lets overpressure escape. If you cemented it together or used pitch your pot might explode).

I thought of the butter bell, but had forgotten the name. I believe there where other dishes ot there for other food stuffs. I was thinking one was for cheeses. Any other uses people. Thanks for the responses.

I’m not refering to fermenting liquids or pickling. I talking for storage.