Watermelon-related damage from Galllagher shows

Remember back when Gallagher did those stage shows that involved him smashing lots of things – especially watermelons – with a big mallet? The mess went everywhere, and people in the front rows covered themselves in plastic.
So why would a theater allow this mess?

When he was booking the theater, they must have realized that he was going to make a god-awful mess, and not just on the easily cleaned hardwood stage. Can you imagine trying to clean watermelon, pumpkin, and whatever else out of upholstered seats?

I suppose they might have required a cleaning fee, but still, what theater would knowingly subject itself to that kind of damage? If you ever saw one of his shows on TV, it was a really big mess by the end of the show and he sometimes played theaters that looked pretty decent.

Anybody know the answer? (Looking for a real answer to this so I put it in GQ instead of Cafe Society.)

WAG "Service Pro?"
Ticket sales, MONEY!

Yeah, sure, of course money is the bottom line here. That’s no surprise. That’s the answer to just about everything.

But I’m looking for more of an answer here. Do theater owners really just not give a rat’s ass what you do to their theater as long as you pay for cleaning afterward? I would find that surprising. Would a nice theater like the Fox Theater in Atlanta, for instance, have let Gallagher shoot all kinds of liquid crap onto their beautifully upholstered seats that they spent thousands of dollars on? (For all I know, maybe he did play the Fox.)

Or could Gallagher only book his shows in third-rate theaters that already were in a sad state and in need of renovation?

I’ve been to one of his shows, there is plastic everywhere. I’m sure that makes it a lot easier to clean up. Plus from what I’ve seen a lot of places have concrete or tile floors. I’m sure they do enough before he starts smashing stuff to make it easier.