"Watership Down"-like Book with Badgers

instead of rabbits. I read this book awhile ago, and I have no idea of the title, author, or anything at all, except that the book was about a bunch of badgers, and as far as I recall, was an even better book than Watership Down. Does anybody know which book I’m (very vaguely) recalling here?

Possibly Cold Moons by Aeron Clement?

Something by Redwall guy Brian Jacques, perhaps? Outcast of Redwall is partly about a badger named Sunflash, if I recall correctly. Not sure if other badgers are involved.

I haven’t read them, but I’ve seen plenty of the Redwall series at the bookstore. There’s a new one called Salamandastron or something, and it has a mean looking badger on the cover. He’s wearing a breastplate and carring a halberd.

Salamandastron is an older one. 7, 8 years, I think.

I don’t think any of the Redwall books involve more than one Badger (except Mattimeo which had a father and daughter set).

Isn’t it on Dunwood Manor or something like that?

Crap…even older. 10, or 11. >_< For some bizarre reason I thought I was 3 years younger than I am…

You may be thinking of** Duncton Wood**, which is about moles.
Cold Moons was a stream-of consciousness novel from the point of view of badgers.

Well, I did say I hadn’t actually read them. I must have seen a new edition and thought it was a new book.

[sub]What are badgers doing in a place called Salamandastron anyway? Shouldn’t there be, like, salamanders?[/sub]

I remember that book. Then, there were some mushrooms and … OHHHH! SNAKE!! OOH IT’S A SNAKE!!!


I’d wager it’s one of the Redwall books.

Not a bad read, but after the third or four novel you realize they’re all essentially the same. Only the characters (and the meals :wink: ) change.

There’s a really big forge in the middle of their mountain-ish fortress. Fire and smoke shoots out the top if it sometimes. Salamanders are fire-lizards, hence Salamandastron.

And there’s only ever a few badgers there anyway. One of them commands the hares of the Long Patrol, to protect the coast from the rat and weasel and ferret corsairs who are a constant threat.

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Salmon an’ a scone, lookit, yer we come…

We don’t need no steeenking badgers!

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I don’t know if it was Duncton Wood or Redwall that I read. They both seem vaguely familiar. I’ve really gotta start writing down what I’ve read and what it was about.

Anyway, they both sound really interesting - I might look into reading both. Thanks, all.

Probably Outcast of Redwall or Salamandastron by Brian Jacques. Also, Adams wrote Shardik after Watership Down, but I think that was about a bear, not a badger…

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The Redwall books really are quite entertaining and wonderful to read aloud, especially if you have children.