Wax on, wax off

Yes, I’ve been living in a cave. But where does this expression come from? Cars? Brazilian bikini wax? What?

The Karate Kid, a movie with Scott Baio. Dear God, I’m old.

The movie The Karate Kid. Mr. Miyagi taught the boy how to block punches by making him wax a car. The waxing motion, “wax on, wax off” was supposed to show him how to move his hands to defend himself.

Minor correction, Mister Miyagi had Daniel-san wax his **deck[/], not his car.

I think it was waxing the cars. He had to sand the deck.

He waxed the cars, painted the fence (up and down motion), and sanded the deck.

It was Ralph Macchio, not Scott Baio.

Great movie, BTW. If you think it’s just some cheezy fight flick, I think you’ll be surprised.

Best line in the movie, from Mr. Miyagi after Daniel-san paints the fence:

Both sides!

Pat Morita got an Oscar nomination for that role. Too bad he didn’t win.

“Congratulations, Daniel-san. You are now a janitor.” :smiley:

Great movie, though. The climax of the whole waxing/painting/sanding bit was worth it. Mr. Miyagi and Yoda could’ve swapped notes.

Yeah, the look on Macchio’s face when he did that move was amazing.

Although, the movie “Karate Kid” was fictional, it does actually have an interesting and accurate basis in traditional Okinawan Martial Arts. Mr. Miyagi’s name is a wink to Grand Master Chojun Miyagi, who is considered the father of modern Okinawan Martial arts as well as the founder of Goju-ryu Karate. http://www.goju.com/masters/Chojun_Miyagi.php

Goju-ryu karate do is based on the naha-te okinawan style, it is an “internal” style and draws heavily on its origins in traditional chinese styles of martial arts; developing special breathing techniques and stances. Goju-ryu represents the yin-yang of martial arts by its very namesake, Goju literally means hard/soft.
The rote repitition of the hidden techniquesof Goju-ryu is presented in a very novel way within the movie, but mostly resembles the approach used in the actual transmission of traditional Okinawan Karate. During a class, a student might repeat one technique hundreds (sometimes thousands) of times. This insures body memory and a nearly autonomous reaction to violence and blows.
The hidden techniques of Goju-ryu transmitted within Daniel-san’s chores are as follows:
[li]Wax on -Wax off- This is an open handed hook block and is known as Kake-Uke.[/li][li]Sand The Deck- This is a circular block known as Mawashi-Uke (Although it was only demonstrated by Daniel in its constituent parts (middle and lower blocks) it is taught as a simultaneous two handed technique and resembles the casting of a net.)[/li][li]Paint the House- This is a fluid wrist block known as Koken (Fox Fist).[/li][/ul]

Although it’s been some time since I was actually involved in Goju-ryu (I was in it prior to the movie.), I was a Green belt. It is a great form of excercise and self defense. Traditional Goju-ryu in particular develops the spirit and other internal qualities. There’s just something mystical about it - it has a strong Zen Buddhist attenuation.

Sorry, I did know it was Ralph Macchio, but apparently my brain had a serious malfunction. Thanks for the correction.

And don’t feel too old for remembering the movie… I’m 18.