Way to get computer to selectively record phone calls

In an effort to deal with telemarketing calls, I’m looking for a facility that will let me easily record the calls I get from telemarketers. But I don’t necessarily want to record all calls.

So my ideal situation would be where I get a telemarketing call and I hit some key combination on my touchtone phone. The computer then starts recording the call and saves it as a .wav file. After asking to be put on their Do-Not-Call list, I can then go to my computer at a later time and record the name of the company. That way if I get called again, I’ll have a copy of the first call.

(BTW, in my state, it’s legal for one party of the call to record the conversation without the consent of the other party. A 3rd party can’t, however.)

So does anyone know of something like that? I tried to search but I didn’t get a hit for something like that.