Way to hear yourself over headphones live?

I was testing some microphones we found in my cousin’s garage out last night and it occurred to me that there might be a faster way than to constantly record then do playback. In this modern age of computer wizardry, is there a way to speak/sing into a mic hooked up to a PC and then immediately hear the result over a headset? What I really want is a way to speak/sing into a mic and then hear the result after a few seconds delay. Is that doable?


If you are using something like Yahoo chat and ‘call’ someone else’s computer, you can talk and the other person can hear your voice at the same time.

Is that too fast?

You want a digital delay. You correctly want to hear the result “after a few seconds delay” since the resonance in your head would affect what you hear from the microphone. I don’t know if there is a program that will delay the input -> output on your computer directly. These devices are available (quite cheaply these days) at most music stores.

Here’s one for $70. It’s a guitar pedal, but gives a delay up to 2.6 seconds with reasonable quality. (Note: I do not endorse Musician’s Friend particularly, it was just a quick link for an example.)

All I can say is this is trivial to do with a Mac.