ways to keep pouches from moving around in backpack?

Most of my travel involves either a 25L bookbag or a 45L backpack that’s my only luggage. Inside I usually have a pink “Momma pouch” (pencil bag size) with various pills and a blue “Daddy pouch” with various computer cords and connectors. I want a way to attach the small pouches to certain points within my backpack(s) so they don’t move around and shift to the bottom.

I’m not much at sewing, but I did sew on some Velcro tabs and that seems workable, but I find myself wondering about other easy solutions. I have just used safety pins, but those were time-consuming to attach and detach. Snaps involve just as much sewing and mean I’d have to hit just the perfect spot when attaching. I got to thinking tonight about the kind of plastic pinch-buckles used in various places on backpacks and camping gear.

What other options come to mind?

It depends on where they’ll be, but you might make flaps out of some kind of fabric, cut buttonholes in those flaps, and then sew the flaps onto strategic locations.


Sew a loop on the inside of your pack, and attach a little carabiner to the pouch.


Do that. I think his idea is a lot better than mine. :slight_smile:

I agree carabiners are perfect for this sort of use.

You could just use fabric glue or hot glue to attach the velcro, much easier than sewing.

Bill Murray has just the thing…

Another vote for krabs and D-rings here, or maybe pinch buckles. I’ve used both for this sort of thing. Krabs are less able to accidentally undo, but for this sort of application there’s probably very little in it.

There are some pretty decent glues, but really, sewing (or riveting) is likely to be the most secure way of attaching it. I’d offer to do it for you, but I doubt you’re anywhere near me…

Unorthodox alternatives: the sort of button-and-clip fasteners used for shoulder straps on dungarees (or overalls, as I guess you may know them) allow very quick and easy hooking and unhooking, and the buttons are often hammer-on rather than sew-on (but you’d still need to sew the other end). My other thought is very dependent on the exact nature of your backpack/pouches and what available edges/folds of fabric there are: there are various types of pinch-clip used for anchoring fabric edges, for applications such as holding bedsheets onto mattresses or holding tarps onto market stalls. A very short strap with one on either end could work?

How do they work?