we are earthlings, mars has martians...who are the rest?

Like the title says…what are people from, say, Jupiter?

According to a paper by one of the guys on the MESSENGER team, things pertaining to Mercury are Hermitian.

Venusians (pron. Venoozhans)
Jovians (for Jupiter)–cf. Jovian moons


Neptunians (ie. Trans-Neptunian Objects)

I would have gone with Plutonians, myself

Uranus = Hemorrhoids

The Moon = Lunatics.

Asteroids => assholes?

Comets => Comedians

You may be an Earthling, I’m a Terran.

Unsurprisingly, there’s a wiki page: List of adjectivals and demonyms of astronomical bodies - Wikipedia


Earthling / Terran
Lunarian / Selenite

I like Plutons better.

Venerians would be more classically correct, although Venusian has been traditionally used in English.

Venereal is the adjective (venereal diseases being the diseases of Venus, the goddess of love), but again is rarely used. I rather like the idea of referring to the “venereal atmosphere.”

So, would a person from Earth’s Moon be a Mooner? I’ve seen a few in my time.

Like magma?

I’ve always like Belter for a dweller in the asteroid belt.

I’ve heard Earthling, Earther, Earthian, Terran, and Tellurian for people from Earth. And Flatlander as an insult.

Lunarian, Selenites, Loonies for Moon-dwellers.

One should not say Pluton or Plutonian, as direct acknowledgement would simply encourage them in the mistaken belief that they belong among Our Sort. If it becomes necessary, one should just direct any of that ilk to go associate with the rest of the non-planetary riffraff with a pointed finger.

Oh, yeah? I was good enough for you to Carry On With when Pluto was a planet, but now it’s been demoted and you’re pretending you don’t even know me??? Snob! User!

Everyone knows that they are Mooninites.

I’ve seen both Venusians and Venereans for Venus

Jovians for Jupiter

H.G. Wells gave us Selenites for Moon-dwellers. We also have Moon Men (and Wells called one Moon Beast a “Mooncalf”, re-using an Elizabethan epithet. In illustrations it has been taken literally as a giant cow. Clasics Illustrated made it look like an albino brontosaur. The Harryhausen movie turned it into a giant caterpillar)

In addition to Earthmen/Earthling/Terrans, there is E.E. Smith’s Tellurians for people from Earth.

I hasten to point out that “Martian” and “EArthling” had a separate existence before they were pressed into service as names for dwellers of particular planets. “Martian” used to mean a warlike individual, a devotee of Mars.

Uranian is an archaic term for a homosexual man.

Well, the name for a being from Europa would be kind of let down.