We buried my Nana this past weekend

combined with a FUBARed computer, that’s why I’ve been gone lately. Nana was 98, officially died of pneumonia, unofficially of realizing Willard Scott is overratted. I joked with my dad,“When she got to heaven, Joe (her husband who died in 1970) said,'What took you so long!”.

I’m sorry about your Nana. Was she your grandmother or your great-grandmother?

Sorry for your loss =/

I’m sorry for your loss. I’m glad you had her around for as long as you did.

How wonderful that you had her with you for so long, and I’m smiling at the “what took you so long!”. When my mother was in the hospital in her last days, a priest she knew came by to give her the Last Rites. Chatting with him afterward, we decided that God hadn’t called her home sooner because He was afraid that mom would take over the place.

Yeah, we’ve got a weird sense of humor :).

I am sorry for your loss though… it leaves a great void in our lives when someone beloved moves on to the next stage.

Sorry to hear that, man.

But she lived to 98! Wow!

I had a great aunt who lived to 96. She outlived her husband by about 30 years. She never remarried, never even changed to her name in the phone book. I think all of her bills stayed in his name the whole time.

Sorry for your loss. My Grandmother (“Nanny” to everyone, even the USPS) passed a couple of weeks ago, so I empathize.

Sorry for you loss, it’s always hard to lose someone but if you keep your memories, she will live on through you.

I truly feel u and I’m more than sorry to hear that. I lost my grandfather a couple weeks ago as well. My first real loss at a memorable age. I can’t bare it. Stay strong as will I. And don’t forget she’s doing everything she couldn’t down here. We will see them again. I’m looking toward to it. Take care :wink:

Sympathies. My grandma’s funeral was a week ago today, she was 88. We had similar jokes about how my granddad, who died four years and was never the most patient of men, would be fed up of waiting for her.

It was a tough time, especially as Grandma did not “go gently” but fought it every step of the way. It was very hard to watch her struggle. Hard too to have support my mum and her brothers who became bereaved children rather than the strong adults I’d been used to relying one, and to watch my grandma’s little brother (the only one of 5 siblings, still living) break down when he saw her coffin.

My grandma was an incredibly strong and loving woman, a real matriarch of the old school who touched so many lives - people came from all over the country to her funeral, which was even more remarkable considering circumstances meant we ended up having the requiem mass at 8am! I will always miss her, but I’m glad she can stop fighting and rest now.

98 years old! Wow.

How fortunate you were to get to know her as a person.

My great uncle died exactly 5 years after his wife. My mom said, " It’s just like a (last name) to keep a woman waiting."

I’m sorry for your loss, Eric. :frowning:

My deepest condolences.

A couple of years ago I lost my grandmother at the age of 100. It was a sad event as she was truly a great woman: Not just a Holocaust survivor, but she managed to save her entire family: my grandfather, my mother and all her siblings. She even got an award from the Prime Minister of Canada. (She lived in Montreal the last 50 years of her life.)

Unfortunately she had become senile a few years before she died.

I’m sorry for your troubles.