We can land a spacecraft on a comet, but we can't...

So what can’t we do that would seem easier than landing on a comet?

Dress the way we feel like it and not cry because some people don’t like it.

Have secure debit-card transactions with major retailers. Looking at you, Home Depot and Target.

Where’s my flying car?

We can land a spacecraft on a comet, but we can’t…

land one on the Moon.

Well, we did. Numerous times. But I don’t think I’ll live long enough to see us go back.

Make toast that doesn’t land jelly side down when dropped on the floor.

Make a pill bottle that deposits exactly two pills when tipped on to your hand.
Can’t make cat proof furniture. (I’m serious about that one dammit!)

Don’t keep cats inside. Done!


This is going to sound like “World peace”, but seriously, feed everyone. Or even within the US, the US could feed everyone.

We can land a spacecraft on a comet, but we can’t make a motorcycle helmet that blocks wind noise. It’s ridiculous to have to wear earplugs along with this big plastic bucket. It shouldn’t be that technologically difficult.

… train a cat to make a pot of coffee in the morning.

…Build a coffee maker that doesn’t make noises like a baby elephant with a runny nose.

…stop it from bouncing around until it falls into a dark ditch.

…get Congress to understand science.

… stop hating people who don’t have any effect on our lives.

Toast a slice of bread without pushing it down twice and or standing there the entire time to ensure it does not burn.

My rice cooker has a power on light, but no “off” setting. If it’s plugged in, it’s on.

My slow cooker has an off setting, but no power on light. If it’s on, I can’t tell from across the room.

These two manufacturers really need to compare notes.

They can do it.

They just don’t want to. :smiley:

but it will take three days for your funds to clear.

. . . get people to stop talking about Kim Kardashian’s naked ass?

Eradicate the common cold.