We did as we were told... (Part I: Entertainment)

This is part one of a question in two parts:

There is a song from Anthrax called “Intro To Reality” containing what sounds like a clip from a movie or tv show, where the following dialog takes place:

1: We did as we were told.
2: We just heard you offer the apology for all the monsters of our times.
1: Is that correct? <diabolical evil-guy-type laughter>

So where did that come from? I searched the web and got exactly one hit, which is a dead link to a Twilight Zone season 3 episode guide. I read the synopses of most of the episodes, and found nothing that sounds appropriate. I searched anthrax.com and found nothing. I don’t have my cd anymore (Persistence of Time), so I can’t read the liner notes for a credit.

The song is a lead in to Belly of the Beast, which seems to be an anti-Nazi/anti-racism song, attacking the “followed our orders” defense, so I thought maybe it was from a related movie. But I can’t find anything.


This could be the answer:

Wow, thanks! Now I just have to find the tape with that episode and watch it. :slight_smile: