We have been robble robbled of a great mind :Sadsmiley


Why did you ban him, Moderators? He was clearly a rising star, but you snuffed him out before he got a chance to shine.


::cue funeral march music::

sniff I knew him but briefly, and in that time I found him to be… erm… slightly annoying.

Does anyone really care?

I certainly don’t care.

I care.

I care alot.

It pains me deeply to see that you have no regard for how I feel about things, Samarm.

I am kidding.

And with only 9 posts served. Tragic.

I hearby dedicate my .sig to him.


It sounds like the spirit of the hamburgalar has possesed you my friend!

We are gathered here. . . [sub]snerk[/sub]. . . We are gathered here tod. . . [sub]he[/sub]. . . We are gathered here today to mourn the. . . [sub]gfaw[/sub] Aw, fuck it. . .hahahahahaha. :::snort::: hehehawhee.

That’s the funniest pit thread subject line I’ve seen in about 3 hours (there’s another around about turkey mole shit dumplings that was also quite amusing).

robble robbled. . . ha

Motherfucker stole my cheeseburger… he deserved to be banned!!!

And why is his ICQ number 2^31 - 1 ?

Who is the hamburgler and what did he do to get banned?

Strange, it shows up on my browser as 2147483647.

That bastard probably robbled the rest of the numbers from your browser before he got banned.

samarm stole all the "e"s from this post!

For doing that.

2147483647 = 2^31 - 1. Only a computer geek would notice that.

Hamburglar was a poster posting as the fictionial burger kleptomaniac the hamburgler from mcdonalds commercials. I believe he was assumed to be a troll/ attention seeker because all he posted was quotes of other peoples posts with the i’s or vowels removed and pit threads about how ronald macdonald screwed him.
He will truly be missed. :frowning:

Nitpick: samarm stole most of the "e"s from that post.


“Observe, Watson: a single “e” remains. Quickly, we must make haste to Charing Cross, the train for Sector 7-G leaves in twenty three minutes, and will lead us directly to the devious mastermind behind this hideous crim!”

Hey you leave me alone. Theres lots of big buttons in front of me, and I tend to do unpredictable things when I’m alarmed. Let’s see… what does this red one do…


::runs for the exit::

Shouldn’t that be “MLTDOWN IN T MINUS 10 MINUTS”?

He also posted about how he was being stalked by Wendy. I don’t think that set very well with the Mods.

Did you mean to leave out that last “e” from (what I assume to be) “crime”?