We have two tiny kittens!

My husband and I are involved with a pet rescue organization, and more than once we’ve been called upon to raise motherless, abandoned kittens. Four of our past “rescues” are now large, handsome, healthy cats. When you bottle-feed a kitten, the bond of affection can be incredibly strong. As far as the kitten is concerned, you’re the Momma.

We just took in two little ones who were found in a cold, filthy garage, with no mother in sight. When it became evident that the mother wasn’t coming back, a kind-hearted person put the babies in a box and brought them to the Pet Adoption League. Hubby and I have experience with this sort of thing, so we ended up being the foster parents of choice. Of course, if these frail sweeties survive, we won’t give them up for adoption by others.

We have named them Henry and Dolly. If we have the genders wrong, we’ll do something about the names.

Here is Henry, who weighs nine ounces.

And this is Dolly, who weighs six ounces.

Awwwwww HENRY! dies

I was hoping to be the first to say “Awwww.” Oh well.

Great-looking little kittens! I know what you mean about hand-rearing kittens; I’ve done it before myself. There is something special about it; though being a guy, I’m still unsure about how I feel about being Mama to one of our cats.

But both Henry and Dolly are charmers. Thanks for letting us see them, and good luck with being Mama to them!

Just change 'em to Henrie(tta) and Dali, of course!

Very cute kittens - redundant?

I’ll add my “Awwwww!” and my adulation for you having rescued those cuties.


I wish I could foster kittens but I’d end up keeping them and I’m already over my limit. I do try to hold kittens a little longer at our clinic while we treat URI’s and try to get the no-kill shelter to take them. Right now we have 3 of the most adorable chubby cheeked little fuzzbutts you’ve ever seen. Yes, I know the rules but unfortunately I couldn’t get them to hold still long enough to get a picture that isn’t all blur. I’ll try again tomorrow but they’re going to the shelter on Tuesday.

pinkfreud, from one kitty Mama to another - thank you! No more sleeping through the night for you for a couple of weeks, but those looks like healthy little fuzzbutts and I wish you the best of luck with them.

Of my nine cats, 5 were bottle raised. I have bottle raised many more and adopted them out - and you are right; it is very hard to let go. :slight_smile:

Fortunately, there are two humans to share the feeding schedule. My husband is a wonderful “cat daddy.” We are keeping the kittens in a spare bathroom, and we’ve put a stack of blankets and quilts on the floor as a fairly comfy bed for whoever is on nighttime “feed me” shift.

I am very glad that cat babies mature faster than human babies.

bottle fed a wee cutie from when she was 3 days old. the ear wiggles when she would drink… to cute for words.

she is a big 5 year old now. still at home.

ear wiggles…squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Mr. SCL is also a good cat daddy - sometimes it is nice to be married to a nurse!

Cuties, they are. Add my “Squeeee!” to the list.

Awww! I wish I could hide one in the dorms…

So cute! I really want to get a second kitty, but for various reasons, we are waiting a few months (or until we cave entirely and get one on the spur of the moment!) Those two fuzzballs are so adorable!

Bless you for loving and caring for disadvantaged fuzzerheads. Cuties!

: Points to Henry : [insert annoying squeely voice] Who’s the Mr. Cutie? …[Pause]… You’s the Mr. Cutie!
Yes you is… Yes you is…

Those kittens are obviously in desperate need of some chin scritchels! I insist that you give them some immediately! (They’re sooooo cute.)

I hope you’re happy, I think I scared the SO because I squeeed so hard. But it was worth it, your babies are absolutely adorable and deserve the adoration. Give them a hug and a few scritchies for me. :slight_smile:

Awww! Look at the cute little fuzzbutts!

Those little blue eyes… =^…^=

You’re my hero (not to mention theirs!) for rescuing them. :slight_smile:

We bottle fed two tiny mouse sized closed eye kittens We gave them to professional rescuers in two days. :slight_smile: I’d take them to work and feed every hour or whatever. I’d wake up in the middle of the night having fed an hour before, “OHMYGODHESNOTCRYINGHEMUSTBEDEAD!”
I commend you.

Awwwwww! Lovin’ dem kiddens! Big day on the 'dope for kitty-type cats! Must…resist…can’t contain…emotions…