We just adopted a Lhasa Apso

My darling Marcie and I went looking at paving stones today; we want to put in a patio. By chance, the paving stone place is close to the SPCA adoption center; on a whim we stopped there and saw a lovely little four year old Lhasa Apso male. It was love at first sight and we adopted him immediately. He was brought to the center yesterday by an elderly woman who could no longer care for him; it was pure luck that we saw him when we did. We’ve stopped at that shelter probably twenty times in the last two years, looking for a small, fluffy, lap type dog. He was scared and trembling when we first saw him but he bonded immediately with Marcie; she already loves him to distraction. He refuses to eat his IAMS doggie treats and he refuses to eat whatever the stuff was the SPCA sent home with us. He does like bacon, though—I’ve never met a dog that didn’t. His name supposedly is Mr. D although we will give him a different one; he doesn’t answer to Mr. D anyway. If someone will tell me how and where to post pictures of him, I will do so at the first opportunity.

Just thought I’d share our happiness with our new baby.

Don’t worry if he won’t eat tonight. That’s prefectly normal since he’s probably very nervous. I wouldn’t give him very much bacon. If he’s not used to “people food” it could give him diarreah.

For the first couple of days, you should take him outside frequently until he learns where the door is and to whine to be let out. (Even if he’s house-broken, he may not know what you want him to do and have an “accident” out of confusion.)

Good luck. And, by the way, give yourself a big pat on the back for adopting a shelter dog. You did a good thing.

Congratulations. :slight_smile: I also applaud you for giving a shelter dog a second chance. Many times adult dogs and cats at the shelters get overlooked for the cute kittens and puppies, so you may have really saved that dog’s life.
One of the websites a lot of people use for posting their photos is http://photobucket.com/ Maybe you can try that. I’d like to see the pics. I looooove those cute little lapdogs. :slight_smile:

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Congratulations! Lhasa’s are much fun, and very, very intelligent. When we/my parents first adopted the family pup, we were looking up information on our shiny new Lhasa. One of the anecdotes they had concerning their intelligence still makes me laugh, and now, seven years later, I know how true it is:

[paraphrasing]When training most dogs to stay out of a certain room by laying down an electric mat (delivers a mild electrical shock, we never used one) in the doorway, most dogs will step on the mat once or twice, and learn to stay out of that room. The Lhasa Apso, on the other hand, will step on the mat once, receive the shock… then jump over the mat and into the room. :smack:

You will have to stay one step ahead of your new pup, trust me on this one! :wink: They are so much fun, and a giant bundle of personality. You couldn’t ask for a better guard dog; their bark is, as the saying goes, worse than their bite. But they will defend you, and if they feel you are being threatened, watch out. We trained little Zoey to not nip, but when a stranger came into the house that she just didn’t like, she would follow on their heels and bark, snarl, and howl until they got the point. “GET OUT!” - it was quite clear. She is the master of all she surveils - keep that in mind with your new pup. Remember what they were bred for, and it will make it a little tiny bit easier to be understanding when he starts to bark at any little thing that moves on “his” property. People walking down the street, strange cat in the yard, someone daring to drive to slow past the house, or turning in yor driveway - he’ll alert you to all of it, I promise. :stuck_out_tongue:

My parents keep Zoey trimmed, since she’s a pet and not a show dog. If you intend to grow that hair out, be quite meticulous in the grooming. It requires a lot of extra care to keep it from getting tangled and matted.

Also, please post pictures! I loooooves me some Lhasas! Here’s my lil’ Zoey for starters:
She actually enjoys this
Christmas morning - she woke up and made a beeline for that stocking: hers!
Ever vigilant. That’s my girl.

As a former vet tech, I’ll second the clipping if you don’t have time to brush daily. Matts can cause all sorts of nasty skin problems and well as being painful and ugly.

Pics! Pics! If I can learn to post pictures, anyone can do it!