We just discovered a live chicken in our lit oven!

Having recently returned from vacation, we lit up our oven to cook some burgers and pineapple slices. We’d already been burning the fire for several hours when one of my coworkers noticed that a chicken was inside the oven, having a nap. As the oven is outside and chickens wander through our yard, it’s not that amazing to have a chicken climb into our oven. What is amazing is that it appears to be fine and is in no mood to be budged from the nicely warm spot. It’s separated from the part where we are cooking our burgers by a wall of stone and very, very lucky that we didn’t decide to use the full oven (which we often do) when making dinner.

If only it knew how close it was to becoming roast chicken …

The chicken

The oven

That’s a cool BBQ thingy. If you put fire where the chicken currently is, does the stone above get hot enough to cook on, or is it more of a warming area?

Also, cute chicken!

Just the thread to draw out our Pullet! :slight_smile:

**Pullet **responded??? You missed a golden opportunity! You cozy in there or just shy?

And thanks for the smile, Kimera.

So which came first, the chicken or the oven?

Wow, I didn’t think I made enough of an impression here for anyone to remember me. I feel so loved!

Also, I’ve finished psychically communing with the chicken (it took longer than usual because of the distances involved). She says: “I’m sitting on this egg until it is poached, and then I’m eating it.”

Self-cannibalism. Creepy.

Perhaps the chicken is angling for a job at Milliways.

And if the rest of the oven is turned on, it will get a “surprise”.

A pullet-surprise?

That’s one talented chicken.

I am so sorry.

Dammit! I missed the obvious pun by 45 minutes!