We knew it was coming - Google Classic Maps is gone

I like to use the “street view” guy to explore around the world. In Classic Maps, you could have open simultaneously the street view and a view of an infinitely zoom-outable map.

Now the simultaneous zoomable map is the size of a postage stamp and you can’t zoom out any further than what will cover several city blocks. That’s a far cry from an option to view a world-wide map along with street view.

I hate the new version.

I hate it too. I don’t want boxes and such over my map. Today I was trying to do directions, which is harder it seems, and instead of giving me road directions as the default, it gave me public transportation first.

There are a few other things that I’ve had a harder time figuring out as well. I might just stop using Google Maps altogether and find some other way. I’ve been using it less and less the past few months anyway.

Classic maps is still there. I suspect it will still be served to old browsers. Here’s the link:


Your link takes me to the new version; I must have a new browser.

I suspect that this is just a tactic Google is using to bring a better product that has significant changes from the classic version. If they went right from the classic version to the intended new version directly the significant changes would have displeased many, so instead they went from the classic to this piece of crap version, later to introduce the intended new version so we will see how much better it is then the piece of crap version.

Another hate it. The boxes are annoying popping open and covering vital sections of the map. I also have not found a way to create a short web link so I can email the map to someone, the older version had this function. This one I have to send the full web address which sometimes breaks because it is too long. Another thing is it’s too willing to give directions when all I want to do is look at the map

Some features are moved around, that I figure will take time so those items I give a pass to.

Dear Google,

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Changes for the sake of changing to appear relevant just piss people off. Even people other than grumpy middle-agers like me.

Seriously, bring it back.

Same for me, it does now appear that Google has a lite mode which is a bit more like the classic maps.

Well, damn. Same here. The link worked this morning.

Click on the cog on the bottom right, then select “Share or embed map”.

OK, this one still works at 19:08 GMT 29/4/15 :smiley:


Yay! Thanks for posting it. I wonder how long it’ll work.

Link took me to the Lite Mode of the new maps.

ETA: New link works, Thanks.

Yeah, I found that link, too. Of course it’ll get broken if enough people hit it and Goggle has a notice at the top that it’s going away soon anyway. Sigh.

New Google Maps features:

[li]No scroll bar for zoom level.[/li][li]No Drag-to-zoom.[/li][li]Four, count 'em, four icons to take you to images![/li][li]Clumsy distance measuring.[/li][li]No choice of units for distance.[/li][li]Automatic drop-down of last two searches to clutter screen.[/li][li]No main menu in full maps, only in Lite.[/li][li]Zooming in pops up images, whether you want 'em or not: I guess they’re really big on people seeing images.[/li][/ul]
So they took away some of my frequently used and useful functions and substituted… well, nothing.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a substitute map site? I’ve been reading some of the rage on forums and I’ve tried MapQuest, Yahoo and Bing. None of those have the usefulness of Google Classic Maps. I really want and miss the zoom bar and drag-to-zoom.

My big problem with the new map is printing. I print out maps for my drivers and this new one really isn’t cutting it. Normally I give them the driving directions with the entire map and then a zoomed in map with the last couple of blocks or any spots that I know have confusing intersections or areas I know they’ll get lost in.
Now it doesn’t seem like I can do any of that, not easily anyways.

My gripe is slowness on a slow internet connection. It pre-loads enough that on a fast enough connection it’s about equal, but on a slow connection, zooming more than one level in a couple second makes it load very slowly.

So anyone care to suggest alternatives?

Thank you that was helpful.

It still sucks.

I have a fast connection (~35 M) and it still balks at big zooms. I don’t think it’s any slower than Classic, but it’s not some quicker app like they’re claiming.

Back when Google Maps were starting to get more and more popular, I always preferred Yahoo Maps but at some point I made the switch. Just playing with it for a few seconds, it might work better for my printing needs. You might want to take a look at it.

Yes, it’s much, much slower (it reminds me of Google Earth), but that’s not my problem, my problem is that they simply removed some of the features that I need.