We need a whole lot more of Jesus, and a lot less of Rock and Roll.

Just that.

Listening to a 1958 recording of Wayne Rayney’s, country music.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Over and out.

Reminded me suddenly of something I had forgot. I had a teacher I wanted to forget. Mrs. Predham taught history I think in 7th grade. She said in class that

I asked to go to the principal’s office. She asked me why. I said

She got upset and told me

I walked out immediately. I would like to say the class got up and followed me or at least clapped, but only one friend clapped. (If I was to write this as a movie they would of course all follow me out)
I went directly to the Principals office, told the secretary I just walked out of my class because the teacher was crazy. I only had to wait about 5 minutes.
He let me tell my story. Admonished me for walking out of the class and said he needed to talk to my parents but he would confirm my story. I had to wait in office until the next class.
At the end of the day, I was called back to the office and the Principal said he was approving my class switch as he confirmed my story, directly from Mrs. Predham.

I was happier and she was gone at the end of the year. (Yeah no tenure yet)

Sam, I am sorry I hope that wasn’t a bad Hijack. It just kind of spilled out. I think I’ll take the whole little thing off to it own thread.

I’ve got extra Jesus, wanna trade?

Now listen here, rock n’ roll taught me a lot about religion. Because of it I read The Master and Margarita , The Pursuit of the Millenium , and Aliester Crowley’s diaries!

Um, wait. Huh. Never mind.

I’ll see your two Jesuses and raise you a Jonah and a Mahershalalhashbaz.

More Jesus? Less Rock and Roll?

Sermon On the Mount vs Led Zeppelin ?

Hmmmm decisions, decisions …

I’ve got a whole lot of both Jesus and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Jesus told us “My Father’s house has many mansions.” It seems to me that in at least some of these mansions there won’t be a bunch of party-poopers hollering “Wouldja turn it down in there?”

I think this country has wandered more into the land of Nehemiah and Zachariah. Maybe that’s just me.

Which reminds me:

Ba da…

Jeremiah was a bullfrog!..

Surely the message for today’s (de)generation is that we need a whole lot more Jesus, a whole lot less downloading the porn patch for GTA San Andreas.

The 50’s had better scansion, though.

The Son of God has a good beat, and he’s easy to dance to. I give him a 77, Dick.

The Son of God’s favorite dance tune?

Beat It.

/one ticket.
//More rock and roll less Hoosier Savior.

There was a huge controversy over Jesus Christ Superstar. A rock opera about the (gasp) Son of God. There were protests, bannings, burnings, and bomb threats.

Didn’t hurt record and ticket sales, of course.

A-X, I finally got to see JC Superstar live a couple of months ago. I’m agnostic, but I have loved the music ever since it came out. And it’s really awesome to see it done live - brings the music to life, so to speak.

Just think what Jesus could have accomplished if he had a Marshall stack and a Stratocaster with a whammy bar.

He would jam in God’s garage
The good Lord would scream “Turn it down!”
But he’d play the same old song
In the afternoon and the evening
He would play it all day long
Jesus even played it on the saxophone!

I like the lyrics by that Israeli guy of the Knights In Satan’s Service:

God gave Rock and Roll to you
Gave Rock and Roll to you
Put it in the soul of everyone!

That was Jesus’ first confrontation with The Law.
Naturally, we were easy on him.
One of our friendly Centurions gave him a flogging
And told him to stick closer to synagogue-oriented social activities.

I like the lyrics by that Israeli guy of the Knights In Satan’s Service:

Russ Ballard??