We need pro-lockdown protests to drown out the anti-lockdown protests

Right now, the anti-lockdown folks are completely dominating the protest narrative: All the media focus is on them protesting against lockdowns.

Meanwhile, the pro-lockdown crowd, despite being the statistical Silent Majority (68 percent fear reopening too soon), is dangerously quiet. If the pro-reopening crowd hogs all the headlines while the anti-reopening crowd stays silent, then politicians will feel more pressured to reopen than not, and the virus will come back with a vengeance.

Sure, this is the fault of the media for deliberately giving air and oxygen to the most dangerous/unreasonable of folks (as the media is wont to do,) but the pro-lockdown crowd ought to be felt and heard twice as much as the pro-reopening faction, due to outnumbering 2-to-1/

We’d have to hold the pro-lockdown protest over Zoom.

Health care workers have been holding counter-protests. Here are some holding up protester traffic in Denver.

So you’re saying we need to get a large group of people together to show that we don’t want large groups of people to gather? I think I see a flaw in your plan.

I love how calm the HCWers are. Like, bitch, I get diseased pink lattes spewed on me on the daily. You think you scare me?

If anybody wants to take one for the team, they could move through the “FREEDOM!” crowd giving them big, sloppy kisses. Hell, if I were positive and ambulatory, I’d be tempted.

This reminds me of Mitch Hedberg’s joke: “I’m against picketing, but I don’t know how to show it.” :slight_smile:

I think this is the part that needs the closest scrutiny.

If it is true that more than 2/3 of the country fears re-opening too soon yet the narrative in the media is that we must re-open ask yourself why that is.

Are 2/3 of Americans just really quiet and mousy and not willing to speak up and, also, all of the 2/3 of quiet people are on one side in this?

Or, have you considered who runs most of the media in this country and the zeal with which moneyed interests want to get back to making money?

Occam’s Razor.

Is that the narrative “in the media” though? The OP that you quotes says the protesters are dominating the headlines. That is not the same as the media presenting a “we must open” narrative.

Of course some media is on that bandwaggon, and we can easily guess which, but the OPs (fatally flawed) suggestion is meant to change the tone of “neutral reporting”, which it could, if it wasn’t for the difficulty in making a zoom parade as impactful as armed protestors in state capitols.

Man if the protesters were all way spaced out wearing masks I would be way less apprehensive about reopening. It’s the fact that they are all breathing all over everyone screaming and stuff without a mask spreading germs…

Obviously I realize you’re joking, but just to emphasize that we should not enable any kind of narrative that it’s just a “personal decision”, the idea that people who want to maintain the lockdown should stay home if wish, while others should be free to do as they choose since they are only putting themselves at risk.

It’s critically important that higher transmission puts everyone at risk, that a specific young and healthy person that you might infect probably won’t come to great harm themselves, but that it increases the probability that any older or more vulnerable’s person’s life is at lost.

Someone should start a “Politics and Covid-19” thread. For now I’ll just piggy-back onto this thread.

Trump and the GOP are painting a false narrative: that the shutdown is supported by elites happy to work from home, while blue-collar workers unable to work from home have been laid off and are angry.

This is Fake News. A recent Washington Post/Ipsos survey shows that “the U.S. should keep trying to slow the spread of the coronavirus, even if that means keeping many businesses closed” actually gets MORE agreement from respondents who’d been laid off or furloughed than from the general population!

Instead the reality is often the OPPOSITE of the GOP Fake version. It is big businesses – big GOP donors – who want to force workers back to the factories. Many of these workers are terrified of catching Covid-19 at such a factory but have to comply or they will lose unemployment benefits.

The NY Times has an opinion piece titled “The Phony Coronavirus Class War” and subtitled “Defiance of public health directives has become a mark of right-wing identity.”

In the same newspaper, we read about unequal police response to violations of distancing and mask orders. Click here for a Youtube of NYPD arresting a black woman with a small baby. Both woman and baby were wearing masks but officers felt woman’s mask was adjusted improperly.

When did the party that was saving us from Obama care because “death panels” become the party of “Mom and Dad have had a rich, full life, and isn’t it time we learned to let go?” I must have missed the memo. Expecting consistency out of the modern Republican party is a thankless task, but the pivot was Orwellian in its speed.

The thought process is literally;“What we are doing is working, so let’s stop doing it.” How like Americans to bail on a winning strategy because of a little boredom. We’re willing to make the big sacrifices, watch us send our sons and daughters to die in foreign wars at the drop of a flag, but keep your hands off my Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast.

The number of American dead in this is as if the 9-11 attacks occurred every day for a month, and the people in charge keep bearing down on the accelerator. They’re like the elderly drivers who mistake the gas for the brake.

Occam’s Razor. Absolutely. Is it easier to believe a conspiracy between media giants to promote the “Back to Normal” agenda, or that the news media will show what is more sensational? “Millions prefer staying safe at home” is a much less interesting headline than “Dozens march on statehouse”. “the media” is not left-biased, it is not right-biased, it is sensational-biased.

The pro-lockdown crowd are, um, locked down.

What does need to happen is lock up any armed anti-lockdown protester.

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Of course. if you are getting paid more on unemployment than you would by working, who wouldn’t want to stay home?

That says more about the shitty jobs than about the unemployment. Why can someone make more on unemployment than by working full time? Good time to revisit that $15.00 an hour minimum wage.

Why would anyone work for $15/hr when you get $26-$30 on unemployment now through July 31 (extended to January 31 under the Dem proposal)? Makes Bernie look like an amatuer on the way to pure socialism.

Unemployment pays $30 and hour? Prove it.