We need some new leadership

Let me tell you that we really need a new president. This King George bull shit is getting old. We don’t need some leader telling lies to get the public to like him. The real problem is if he gets reelected again. Our country will be in a real state of poverty. If he wins you can almost guarantee his brother running for president. We will be screwed if Bush wins this election. What do you think?

Sweetie pie…I totally agree with you.

So do a lot of other folks around here. Try Great Debates. There are usually 153 threads over there about how much of a bastard Bush is…actually those threads make their way into almost every forum it seems.

I suppose I could be a smartass and link to a shit load of them, but I don’t feel like it. Someone will be around to do it soon enough.

Don’t welcome Wasp too soon.

The buzz is that political “shills” working paid for both sides often cruise BBS spreading the word for their candidates.

And every single thing this person has posted has been about the election.
I wonder about Hiding Wasp 's motives for being here.
:dubious: :dubious: :dubious: :dubious: :dubious:

For the record, I support Kerry.

snort well, if he is getting paid, you think that he could try a bit harder…and look at some of the 19281923 threads already open on this exact subject.

Ah, I think you may be right, Bosda…it does seem suspicious.

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Are you guys nuts? Kerry is paying Hidingwasp?

Tell me I haven’t had my whooshflakes for breakfast yet.

Is this kinda like a chicken in every pot kinda deal? And also, who would be doing the screwing? If it’s Cheney, no way. But if its. like, Halle Berry or someone, whoa. I am totally in.

Whooshflakes! They’re what’s for breakfast! Now with :smack: flavor crystals!

I’m not sure whether this is true, although I wouldn’t doubt it. And I’m not sure whether the charge, levelled against Hiding Wasp was meant seriously or in jest (this is, after all, the Pit.) However, Hiding Wasp has several posts, and while some of them represent the same political view as the OP here, others are not related to politics at all. So, assuming the charge of “shill” was meant seriously, I don’t think it’s valid.

Perhaps my remarks were a little hasty. :o

Yeah, I’d put my chicken in her pot any day! Halle Berry for President!!!

I don’t know what you have been eating ,but I sure as hell ain’t getting paid by Kerry. I just want to support him to my fullest potential.

Since you ask, I completly disagree. I will be voting for Bush.

For Og’s sake, why? :eek:

I’m voting for Bush because of the idiocy exhibited by bashers like the OP. I figure if a person so stupid dislikes Bush, it must be smart to like him.

But Bush is stupid himself. A real chimp.

I could tell you, but in the end the result would be the same. No one’s mind would be changed, it wastes bandwith, and puts a strain on the hamsters.

I normally avoid threads like these (in fact, I’m getting a bad taste in my mouth over SDMB in general lately) but I’m in a kick-ass kind of mood today.

Not to worry-- he can only be reelected once, so he won’t be reelected again. :cool:

That’s an egregious insult to chimps, pal! I know some chimps. Chimps are pretty damn smart. George bush is no chimp!


But since he wasn’t really elected the first time…

Good I can start compiling my list of people to thank when the apocalypse goes down.