We Need To Talk (And I Need To Apologize)

It is right now 6:18 on Tuesday morning and I just returned from sleep study number 2. My doc says the first one was inconclusive because it didn’t stop the apnea, which could very well be the reason for the dementia which is a reason for the depression.

But that’s not the main reason for this thread.

Basically I was a jerk Saturday night and that is rule number 1 here, I know this, and I wish to apologize to Twickster and to the board as a whole.

I see I have been given a warning, so I will take that warning a step further and suspend myself until such time as I can stop being a jerk.

If it’s okay, we’d still like to participate in The Christmas Exchange. After all, it was me who screwed up and no one else.

It’s not an excuse, but I sometimes forget my meds, and I have run out of one of the anti-depressives. Again, no one’s fault but my own, and Twicks was 100% correct in the warning she gave.

Y’all are my friends and I wouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings for anything, but one doesn’t treat one’s friends as I have treated all of you especially as the result of what you have done to help me lately.

So now I need to help myself, and more intensive therapy is needed. I am already seeing a psychiatrist for the dementia but I think I should also be seeing a therapist - especially since the COBRA runs out the end of December. Checking into a mental facility isn’t an option right now since they only take you if you threaten suicide or are a substance abuser.

So there you have it: I have nothing to say for myself, except I am very sorry and ask your forgiveness, Twickster and everyone.

My thanks to my friend Johnny L. A. for “jerking a knot in my tail”.


you have my email if you need to chat …

Keep the faith, Quasi it’s a lucky person that never gets to the place you’re in. I haven’t been that lucky.

I HAVE been in a similar place and there’s ways out of it.

Thanks, a and Untentionally Blank.:slight_smile:

Gonna get some rest. Those sleep study wires don’t make for restful sleep (not to mention the mask):eek:


Been there, done that. I hated that they would let me roll over.

For those who wonder what the hell this is all about, in this thread, Quasi was posting in German, which is against the rules. I’ve informed him of this rule previously, so I started with just a gentle reminder; then told him to stop; then told him he was cruisin’ for a bruisin’. He continued to post in German, so I gave him a warning for ignoring a moderator’s instructions.

Quasi, you don’t need to go all drama queen on us here. Getting a warning isn’t the end of the world – it’s a reminder that we have rules here, and that you need to obey the rules. And one of those rules is, when a mod tells you not to do something, don’t do it.

I know the Dope is important to you and don’t want you to cut you off from this community – just pay attention when someone – esp. a mod – tells you something, okay?

Twick (and all the mods) – thanks. I wouldn’t want your jobs for Michael Jordan Money let alone SDMB “money”.
Quasi - stick around please. We don’t always agree but I would really miss your posts. And besides, the way I use English it probably makes more sense to a German-fluent reader than most of the English speaking members.

If you’d like to check into a mental health facility, I can recommend some good substances to abuse.:smiley:

Best of luck, whatever you do, Quasi. You know how to reach me–on and off the boards.

Side note: Do you think this may be one of those times where the dementia is leading you to get more frustrated or angry with the situation than you otherwise would be? Don’t make a snap decision to cut yourself off from the SDMB, is all I’m sayin’. We like having you around. :slight_smile:

Thanks, SFG, but I honestly cannot answer that question, since I no longer have any kind of “reference” point, if that makes sense?

I think the best person to answer that would be my wife.

Special note to Twicks: Drama King, if you please, ma’am?:slight_smile:

Undisputed, probably! :wink:


Quasi (Bill)…

We forgives ya…its just the stress of the holidays…and I can certainly understand that …I even found some of your family footage from last years turkey day get together…sounds pretty stressful to me.


happy turkey day

Thanks and I LOVE that video! Nothing they’re saying is in the subtitles!


That was something I almost posted in the ATMB thread that tacoloco started. Around here, we all seem to get overly upset about warnings. All they are is a way to remind us that our behavior on here has consequences. They say “Don’t mess up again, or we’ll really have to punish you.”

And, Quasi, I know about depression, and the anger you feel towards yourself when you’ve done something wrong. Of course you need to repent, but there’s no reason to beat yourself up. It will only serve to make you feel worse.

I don’t even think you need to stay away from the forums that make you mad. Just don’t post while angry. Type up everything you want to say, but don’t send it. Come back when you aren’t angry, and see if it really needs to be said (And if it does, reformat it to be polite.) It seems to work for me. (I don’t think I’ve even gotten a mod note.)

You are one of the few posters around here that, when I see a post by you, I always have to read it. They just make me happy. So please don’t lsuspend yourself. You’ll be punishing us more than you’ll be helping yourself.

Wow! Thank you, BigT!:slight_smile:

I know not everyone feels the same way about me as you do, but I think you just made up for that! :wink:

I TRY to keep me feelings in check here, because I enjoy interacting with y’all so much, so they go on the blog where I can “Let It All Hang Out!”


Misunderstood lyric: “Hot Dogs were raised a croak”

S/B “Hot dog, my razor broke”! :slight_smile:

I wish a Happy Turkeyday for you and those you love!

We’re getting ready to go the inlaws where some serious eating will commence!