We should re-name the MPSIMS forum to just "Stuff I must share"


There doesn’t seem to be massive confusion about what goes into MPSIMS, or trivialization of serious or semi-serious stuff that ends up there, so I’m for letting sleeping mundane things lie.

Yep, the name really doesn’t match up with a lot of the threads that go into it. Since the main complaint seems to be one forum having threads like “shooting leaves 10 dead” and “I’m cancer free!” next to each other is jarring or confusing, we need a way to break those up.

Renaming the forum Breaking News and having sub forums for good news and bad news, or something similar should work. I’m not sure how sub forums work here because I’ve never been in the Game Room, where I think they are allowed. If we use sub forums rather than new forums, I think that would solve the problem of keeping up the posting numbers without having an entire forum that drops in posts from lack of contributors.

Keeping to Jeopardy! themed names, I put forth “Olio.”

I don’t really think there is a lot of confusion about where to put stuff, we’ve been told a million times that breaking news goes there. I think some posters just don’t think the clash of good news/bad news mixed so closely together is a good thing, which I understand.

As for the name, I have done a highly scientific personal study that shows 52.214% of dopers can’t spell MPSIMS correctly and only 24.859% can agree on a pronunciation. Which, of course, is MPSisms.

Remember the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy categories that couldn’t be answered wrongly? Drummers Named Ringo. The Letter That Comes After “B”. “Foods That End in ‘Amburger’”.

Everything Else Goes Here.

Not very well. I think the solution that’s supported by the software is using tags.

There’s lots of stuff in MPSIMS that’s neither good but bad news. There are the weekly morning group blogs. that’s comments on curious stuff. There are things that mix good with the bad (“i just got divorced”)

Personally, i find it a little offensive that “war in Ukraine” and “my mother just died” get called “mundane and pointless”.

I agree that there’s not a lot of confusion among people who actually post there. It’s not like “general questions” which was pretty universally misunderstood by new posters.

But as i mentioned above, i didn’t even look for months, because i didn’t understand what it was from the name. I don’t think the name is horrible, but i think it could be better.

The Sharing Place
News and Other Stuff I Want to Share (NOSIWS isn’t any worse than MPSIMS. Although it’s not much better as a thing to try to pronounce.)

There was a small, family-owned farm out in the Maryland “country” when I was a kid; their road sign proclaimed them to be, “Olio Acres, One of the cheaper spreads.” Hi-larious!

Okay, that’s a no go. I don’t think tags are going to help with this one. I guess any change is going to have to be to the forum title.

That’s part of the weirdness of stuffing so many things under one forum. I’m sure mods see more than the average user because you have to move the threads and explain why someone losing their mom goes in the Mundane category.

Could just be News and Stuff. The forum is so far ranging, it’s hard to pin it to just a couple of words.

Now I see Discourse does have sub-categories but I can’t find one that looks like I picture subcategories. It looks like when you open a Forum, there is a bar across the top with Categories that you can click on to narrow down what you like to read. It may be too big of a change for many posters, therefore not worth trying. I don’t really care for it myself.

Yes, and i use a forum that has a lot of sub categories. But i don’t like the implementation. Tags work better for that, in Discourse, IMHO.

News of the World Great and Small

Tags may make things more organized within the forum, but they don’t resolve the issue because the forum title is still Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share.

The OP’s suggestion makes sense, and I hope we can stop quibbling over words like “Must.” If we can’t agree–and we seldom do–this is the time for the mods and Ed to stand up and make a decision and then brave the phase of inevitable grousing afterward. Or we can continue to periodically start threads, throw out suggestions, and not resolve the issue.

I’m old enough to remember the origination of “MUNDANE POINTLESS STUFF I MUST SHARE”.

It started on the old AOL board. That board didn’t have any sub forums.

Someone, a high school girl, IIRC (she’d be in her 40’s now) started a thread about something, I don’t remember what, but probably something that held little interest for people that were not high school aged girls.

Someone else, in a move that would be against the rules here, chose to show their opinion of the thread by changing the title rather than replying. Then the newly titled thread became the new home of everyone’s Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share.

That said, I’m OK with changing it because I doubt many people even remember that, and I really doubt any of them are attached to it.

I vote for this. (No need to add “I want to share”…obviously, no one is pointing a gun to your head!)

Tots And Pears.

It’s where I get all of my news, and most of my stuff.

There are cases in which there might be considerable disagreement about whether something is good news or bad news. And there are quite a few news items that contain some of both.

I agree that the forum name ought to be changed. I’m neutral as to whether it ought to be split; but, if it is split, trying to separate out good news from bad, or cheery personal items from discouraging ones, doesn’t seem to me to be a good way to split it. Splitting public news from personal events might be; but even those can get blurry around the edges – just about all general news stories are personal to somebody, after all.

But yeah, tradition or no tradition, I agree with this:

I’ve been here long enough that all the idiosyncrasies of the forum no longer affect me one way or the other. But if Mundane and Pointless bother people, dump those two words and call it: Stuff I Must Share; News and Stuff I Must Share; Breaking News and Other Stuff; or even Everything That Doesn’t Fit Anywhere Else.

never mind.

On the contrary, my own submissions are often both mundane and pointless.

However, I humbly suggest the acronym BATSPISS - boring anecdotes, tedious stories, proposals and ideas shared selfishly. :wink:

“Your majesty is like a stream of bats piss.”
“I merely meant, your majesty, that you shine like a shaft of gold when all around is dark.”

Hmm. Maybe not the best idea. Better keep it as it is.

It occurs to me that we have two entire forums (Politics and COVID) dedicated to specific current event topics, yet the actual current events forum makes no mention of current events in the title by those words (‘current events’) or any others (‘news’, ‘topical’, etc…) Kind of ironic.

It’d be like having a dedicated NFL forum, a dedicated MLB forum, and then any other sports discussions go in Cafe Society. Just kind of a weird structure.

Not that current events by itself is necessarily enough content to merit its own forum anyway. It would be if we consolidated, I suppose: politics and covid could be merged into a single forum named current events, which would then be broadened to include other topics like the war in Ukraine and whatever else is going on in the world.

That thought leads me to think of MPSIMS as the social media area of the boards. Even without any changes to anything, that’s kind of now how I think of it in my mind. The place for people to share and talk about their personal lives, or just idle chatter.

In the real world you can get your news from social media, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Maybe that’s why it feels so discordant to have news in MPSIMS. At least to me, but I don’t really go into MPSIMS so I don’t much care either way.

(I do read both the politics and covid forums; I honestly don’t know how I would feel about them actually being merged. They are very different and have different rules.)