We went to see Weird Al Yankovic last night

Very good show. I imagine Calgary had a temporary nerd shortage, though, because they were all at the show. Wow. That’s a whole lotta nerds in one place - we figured the theme song for Al’s show’s really is “White and Nerdy.” ANYway - I didn’t know Al was that good a singer. His voice always sounds a little funny to me, but I have a new respect for the power and control he has. His band is very good, too. And his accordion playing is par excellence. Best accordion in rock. In summary, two thumbs way up for a very enjoyable show. And if you want to meet a nice nerd, you know another place other than comic cons and ren faires to look now. :slight_smile:

ETA: I realized it sounded like I was excluding my husband and I from nerdhood. Au contraire, mon amis.

I saw him a few years ago with my teenage son. I wished I had known beforehand that he doesn’t seem to care about people taking pictures. He was out in the audience playing at one stage and even mugged for people sticking cameras in his face. Oh and he was very very good.

I saw him a few years back on the Poodle Hat tour. He’s a great performer.

No surprise there. By all indications, Al is just a genuinely nice guy with no pretentions.

i’m going Sept 1!

In other news, Weird Al is voicing a character on the new Transformers Animated show. He’ll be a garbage truck.

This means there’ll be a Weird Al action figure.


My friend and I were thinking of going, but the plans got sidelined.

Now I’m sad that I missed out on picking up a nerd. :frowning:

Oh, it was wall-to-wall nerds, and not all of them were unattractive, either. There were some tasty ones there, indeed (and not just my husband!).

There were no cameras or cellphones allowed at this show, but when he started his encore with “We all have cellphones. Let’s get real.” everyone in the audience with a cellphone was holding it up and waving it around, and there were a whoooooole lotta cellphones in there. :smiley:

Take a banner that says STRAIGHT DOPE.

Rumor has it, he’s a lurker.

That’s why I suggested it. :wink:

So did I. He is a wonderful live performer, perfect for family outings! :smiley:

I figured as much. I’ll stop trying to find that thread.

Not to mention that there might be a Doper or two in the crowd.

Thing is, if he decided to de-lurk and identify himself, how many of us would believe him?

Wow! That’s full-circlish!


I’m going to see him tomorrow!

Man, he must love to travel - just look at his tour dates
I am very disappointed that he’s not coming back o Long Island this tour - I saw him on the Poodle Hat tour and was blown away -
Did he do the vocal choroegraphy (only way I can describe it) after Yoda this time?

My wife, son, and his girl friend all went to see Al at the Greek in LA a few years back.
My son’s GF was sitting on the aisle. Al came into the audience for one of the love songs. He walked up to my son’s GF took her hand and sang a whole verse to her.
BTW this was the very first concert she had ever been to.
Good way to start, and damn hard to top, I’d say.

Saw him at the Orange County Fair. He was onstage for over two hours, never dipped in energy. It was amazing.

Been a fan for almost 25years but I had never seen him live before, so I had never known of the Yoda “vocal choreography”. As an experienced musician my jaw just dropped! Wish I could describe it better for the doppers who didn’t witness it. It was Al with guitarist Jim West and bass player Stephen Jay, and maybe drummer Bermuda Schwartz, they did this lengthy vocal breakdown consisting of a lot of nonsense words, but what was so amazing was how perfectly tight they were with it, all in time with one another never missing either a beat or a lyric- and nonsense lyrics are infinitely more difficult to memorize than lyrics that represent an intelligible sentiment.